Healthcare workers say their fight is also for the people

Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers say their fight is also for the people

Nurses who have been striking for the past eight weeks are insisting that they are not fighting for themselves alone, but also to ensure a better healthcare system for Barbadians.

Insisting that the healthcare workers have not abandoned or neglected patients, Chairman of the Unity Workers’ Union (UWU) Nurses Division Gillian Dowrich said they were agitating for better conditions for all.

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Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, she insisted they could not take the best care of their patients, whom they see as family, if they do not have access to necessary tools or if they operate in an unsafe environment.

“The nurses are suffering and we want to let the public know that this fight is for them because if we don’t have things to work with, we cannot give adequate healthcare in Barbados. They need to pour some funds into healthcare so that nurses can feel comfortable at work, so that nurses can have a voice in Barbados and advocate for the patients. The patients are why we are here. This is for Barbados; this is not for only the nurses,” Dowrich contended, adding that since starting her career in 2006, nothing has been done to enhance the working conditions for nurses.

“When we do not give adequate care because of a lack of adequate resources, we have a conscience and our conscience needs to be clear when we go home. I don’t think – and the nurses in Unity [Workers’ Union] do not think – that we should have to pull our pockets and provide materials for patients to use any longer, because our salaries are minute, they do not match our qualifications, and we have been trying to get this to the forefront.”

Striking nurses say their fight also for public  Barbados Today


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