Bishop Calls Abortion a Pagan Sacrifice of Innocent Children

Bishop abortion pagan sacrifice

Bishop Calls Abortion a Pagan Sacrifice of Innocent Children

Bishop calls abortion pagan sacrifice: Cordileone Should Primarily Condemn Antipope Francis

Bishop Salvatore Cordileone is right when he says that abortion is a pagan sacrifice. That’s undeniable. But while Cordileone confesses the truth about abortion, he acknowledges Antipope Francis as a valid, Catholic Pope, when nothing can be further from the truth. Antipope Francis holds heretical positions on an almost innumerable number of faith and morals issues; for instance, his stance on abortion. Just weeks ago, he said that taking the vaccines was a moral obligation; as can be read by clicking the link below.

Read Antipope Calls Aborted Fetus-Based vaccines ‘moral obligation’

Most of the major vaccine manufacturers have admitted to testing their vaccines using the cells of aborted fetuses. One such company is Pfizer, the maker of the very vaccine Antipope Francis and his Antipope predecessor, Benedict XVI have been vaccinated with.

If Cordileone wants to truly be right on this issue, he must condemn Antipope Francis for partaking in the sin of murder; who did so, not only by being vaccinated, but by telling Catholics and nominal Catholics, that they are under a moral obligation to be vaccinated with these COVID-19 vaccines. Francis has done the very thing Cordileone condemns; he sacrificed to demons his sons and daughters. Yet Cordileone does not condemn the Pagan Francis.

Bishop calls abortion pagan sacrifice: Antipope Francis Is A Non Catholic Antipope

Cordileone’s use of the 105th Psalm was quite applicable to properly frame abortion and its nefarious purpose. But he would have been better served had he quoted Psalm 108, which is cited in the first Chapter of Acts.

For it is written in the book of Psalms. Be their habitation made desert, and be there none to dwell in it. And his Bishopric let another take.

Acts 1:20

Appoint a sinner over him: and let the Devil stand on his righthand. When he is judged, let him come forth condemned: and let his prayer be turned into sin. Let his days be made few: and let another take his bishopric.

Psalm 108:6-8

What the Book of Acts and Psalm 108 are both referring to, is the just loss of office of an ordained/consecrated Catholic minister; even of Apostolic rank; for sins against the faith; as the man specified in both books as losing his office; was the traitor Judas Iscariot.

Hopefully, Our Lord will bless Cordileone with the grace to see this truth, that Francis’ heresies are a rejection of Christ, and a betrayal of the office he wrongly claims to hold. And as the Scriptures make plain, right along with the teachings of the Catholic Church; heretics, schismatics and apostates are non-Catholics; who cannot hold Office in Christ’s Mystical Body.

Bishop Calls Abortion a Pagan Sacrifice of Innocent Children

The pagan sacrifice of innocent children to false gods is still happening in society, though it goes by another name, “Archbishop” Salvatore Cordileone told pro-lifers Jan. 22 during a special pro-life Mass.

Cordileone, the “archbishop” of San Francisco, warned about the spread of paganism in society and its belief that killing unborn babies in abortions is a “blessed sacrament,” according to his homily published Monday in The National “Catholic” Register.

He gave the message ahead of the Walk for Life in San Francisco, an annual event held to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Since the ruling in 1973, more than 63.5 million unborn babies have been killed in abortions.

“This is all around us nowadays, and this kind of secularism has all the marks of a religion: infallible dogmas, rituals, saints, creedal statements and condemnation of heretical teachings along with punishment of the heretics who hold them and dare to speak them in public, index of forbidden books, even sacraments,” Cordileone said.

Cordileone Shows His Pelagian Beliefs & Idolises The Unborn

“Indeed, abortion has become, for them, their blessed sacrament, what they hold most sacred, the doctrine and practice upon which their whole belief system is built,” the “archbishop” continued.

He said there is only one true Blessed Sacrament, and “to live as if there were two brings desecration of what is sacred on both fronts: the Bread of Life on the altar and *human life in the womb.”

*Human life in the womb is not sacred. Only Our Lady was Immaculately Conceived, and Our Lord was Holy from both His Eternal and human begetting. Apart from that, every man born of a woman was conceived in sin, as Psalm 50 affirms, and as the Catholic Church has always taught.


Killing unborn children is demonic, he continued, pointing to passages in scripture in which the pagans and, *at times the Israelites sacrificed their children to false gods, or demons.

*This Psalm was referring to Israelites imitating the pagans they were supposed to have destroyed in God’s name. But that’s the problem with quoting Scripture, out of context.


He quoted Psalm 105, which reads, “They sacrificed to demons their own sons and daughters, shedding innocent blood, the blood of their own sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols [demons] of Canaan.”

Editor: It is important to note the verses preceding Cordileone’s quoting of the 105th Psalm. The focus isn’t just on the sacrificing to devils, but on what led to it. The Israelites, God’s Church, rather than destroying the pagans, mingled with them and began to imitate their idolatry and sacrificed their children to devils as a result.

And they were mingled among the nations, and learned their works: and they served their sculptures: and it became a scandal to them.

Psalm 105:35-36

This is the same thing that has happened with the Novus Ordo establishment, headed by Antipope Francis. Cordileone, get out if you want to save your immortal soul, while you still can.

Catholic Bishop Condemns Abortion: It’s a Pagan Sacrifice of Innocent Children  LifeNews.comCatholic Bishop Condemns Abortion: It’s a Pagan Sacrifice of Innocent Children  LifeNews.comCatholic Bishop Condemns Abortion: It’s a Pagan Sacrifice of Innocent Children  LifeNews.comRead More“when:24h” – Google News


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