Tennessee taxpayers must pay for abortion facility playground

Tennessee taxpayers are being forced to pay for a new playground at a Memphis abortion facility that aborts thousands of unborn babies every year.

On Monday, the Shelby County Commission approved a $25,000 grant to CHOICES Memphis Center For Reproductive Health to build a playground on its land. The vote was 8-5, and Commissioners Tami Sawyer and Mickell Lowery were the sponsors.

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The grant passed without any discussion from the commissioners Monday, even though the proposal received an unfavorable recommendation at a Jan. 19 committee meeting, according to the meeting agenda.

Once the playground is built, children will be playing outside while their unborn siblings are being killed inside the Memphis abortion facility.

Ahead of the vote, Jennifer Pepper, executive director of the abortion facility, told the commissioners that the playground will help them to be more family friendly, the Daily Memphian reports.

“Many of our patients have children,” Pepper said. “The playground helps promote our family-friendly and inclusive environment.”

Several local residents expressed outrage at the grant, saying the money could be better spent on helping families in need, not destroying them as abortion facilities do.

“There are other places that could use that $25,000,” resident Audrey Lawrence said during the public comment period, according to the local news. “The science says that conception is at the very beginning. Life is at the very beginning.”

Another resident, Andrea Sumner, told the commissioners that the grant would force taxpayers to support the abortion industry in Tennessee.

“It is wrong to essentially force a resident of Shelby County to fund an organization that profits from abortion,” Sumner said, the local news reports. “This will be abortion money.”

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4 thoughts on “Tennessee taxpayers must pay for abortion facility playground”
  1. Disgusting use of taxpayers hard earned money. The thought of children playing in the midst of a place that runs a business that kills babies is sickening.

    1. It is sickening. And the fact that pro life/anti abortion advocates in the state have no choice but to financially support a business they morally oppose, is tragic. Hopefully, this business is no longer taxpayer funded.
      Thank you for commenting.

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