Jahmiel talks baptism then brags about opening his Third Eye

Jahmiel talks baptism Third Eye

Jahmiel talks baptism then brags about opening his Third Eye

Attempting to be at once Christian and occultist, Jamaican music artist ‘Jahmiel’, brags about being Baptised and opening his “Third eye”, in the same breath. It is obvious to men of good will by ‘Jahmiel’s’ own account, he might claim Christ, but his words and actions are of the Devil. There can be no mixture of light with darkness. For “In him [Christ] was life, and the life was the light of men: And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” (John 1:4-5)

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“Once derailed, but not diminished,” were among words that came from Jahmiel as he spoke about continuing his musical journey in the backdrop of silent battles which led to his baptism last May.

His spiritual calling has not altered the direction of his career and music, as he said, “I was always a truthful, positive and motivating individual.”

But he was also someone who was navigating trials and tribulations, which he addresses on his new single Third Eye, produced by Chimney Records. The lyrics capture Jahmiel’s declaration of victory over those who tried to bring him harm through voodoo and otherwise.

” Third Eye was inspired by me looking back at my accomplishments in life and saying to myself, ‘I ain’t got nothing to worry about, battle done win already’, and the rest of lyrics came after,” Jahmiel told THE STAR. “It was as simple as that and a message to the enemies, letting them know I can’t be stopped because my great past can’t be undone.”

He’s experienced more than he was willing to share, but said he conquered his trials through prayer and fasting. “I’m great, all praises to the most high.”

The singer said it was after he was healed from the spiritual warfare that a veil was lifted, and ultimately, his third eye opened.

“I started to see more clearly as to what I was up against because we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high and low places,” he said.

His words materialise in the accompanying music video directed by Shane Creative, which sees a crowned Jahmiel surrounded by nature and elements of African spirituality. The visuals mirror his own testimony of retreating to nature during his affliction.

“Yes, I did try to find the solution for what I was going through spiritually, but it took more than that (baptism),” he said. “His foundation is in the holy mountains (nature) and that’s where I went for deliverance. There’s much more to say.”

Jahmiel opens ‘Third Eye’ – Artiste talks baptism and album  Jamaica Star Online


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