Higher Covid-19 infection rate among vaxxed in China

Higher Covid-19 infection rate among vaxxed

Higher Covid-19 infection rate among vaxxed in China

The Chinese regime’s data from one new affected area of COVID-19 outbreaks in mainland China show a much higher COVID-19 infection rate among vaxxed patients.

The data published by Yuzhou city in Henan Province shows the same trait. According to the data announced by local authorities, the vaccination rate of the infected people in Yuzhou is 92 percent. As reported by the regime’s media China News Service, in Henan, a total of 141 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered and 64.61 million people had been fully vaccinated.

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According to China’s most recent seventh national census, as of November 2020, Henan’s population is 99.366 million. Based on the data, the overall vaccination rate in Henan Province is about 65 percent. The vaccination rate of infected people in Yuzhou is nearly 27 percentage points higher than this figure.

The Chinese communist regime only provides the Chinese people with domestically produced COVID-19 vaccines, including two doses of inactivated vaccines from Chinese companies such as Sinopharm or Sinovac, or one dose of adenovirus vector vaccine (Ad5-nCoV) from Tianjin CanSinoBio.

In this new round of COVID-19 outbreak this year in China, the Omicron variant was detected in Tianjin city, confirmed virus cases in Yuzhou City were of the Delta variant.

Judging from the breakthrough cases of Omicron, Delta, and other variant viruses, and the higher vaccination rate of infected people in Tianjin and Yuzhou far exceeds that of uninfected people in the same areas, Li Longteng, the former deputy director of Taiwan’s Department of Health, told Chinese edition of The Epoch Times, “This shows that the Chinese made COVID-19 vaccine are ineffective. At most, it will produce a little antibody and reduce some serious symptoms or death.”

Chinese Data Shows Higher Rate of COVID-19 Infection Among Those Vaccinated With Chinese-Made Vaccines  The Epoch Times


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