Girl with down syndrome to receive $1.2 million sponsorship

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Girl with down syndrome to receive $1.2 million sponsorship

Tosita Cameron has been a community health aide for the past 18 years. For the last seven, as she worked alongside her peers through outbreaks of dengue fever, chikungunya, Zika and the novel coronavirus, she has also had to balance caring for her young daughter Tessita Johnson who has Down Syndrome.

Now the 45-year-old single mother who has spent so many years taking care of others is getting some much-needed support.

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Well aware that there are days when Cameron finds it hard to make ends meet, a relative reached out to James and Friends Education Programme to get her some help.

For the next six years, the programme will cover Tessita’s school fees, groceries and snacks. The good deed has been valued at $1.2 million.

“There is no reason for her not to be in school because she is fully covered for the next six years,” said Stephen Liao, one of the major sponsors of the 17-year-old foundation.

The group was spurred into action, he said, after receiving a letter from Cameron’s sister.

“When I reviewed it, I realised that as a nurse [she had] to be working so hard during COVID, sometimes even on a Sunday. So I met with the team and we decided that we would do this,” the programme’s founder, Otis James, told the Jamaica Observer.

The groceries are being supplied by National Self Serve Wholesale, and office administrator Roniqueca McFarlane said the company is happy to help.

“It’s always a pleasure to give back. We have this nurse here with her daughter who is a special needs child and we realised there is a genuine need. She needs assistance to get some school supplies, food and snacks. I am elated to be a part of this gesture because in these COVID times things are hard and it’s very tough to make ends meet,” said McFarlane.

“She’s one of the front-line staff, risking her life on a daily basis especially [during] the pandemic right now. So this is just our way of showing our gratitude,” she added.

Help for little girl with special needs  Jamaica Observer


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