Richard Creary: Crime has decreased in Jamaica

Richard Creary

Richard Creary: Crime has decreased in Jamaica

It is sometimes a wonder whether our Caribbean leaders ever think before issuing statements. Richard Creary wants the people to give authorities a pat on the back for reducing overall crime numbers while people are getting murdered everyday, as if all crimes are created equal.

Chairman of the St Mary Municipal Corporation Richard Creary says Jamaicans are focusing only on the murder rate and are not highlighting gains made in combating some other types of crimes.

“Crime in the parish has actually decreased, and this seems to have been so over a number of years, year on year, and it speaks to the work of the police force,” he said in referring to his parish. “But what we tend to do in Jamaica is to extract murder figures and use that as crime statistics, which is absolute rubbish! Crime has gone down over the last number of years and St Mary is doing particularly well. We need to stop focusing on just murders; murders alone is not crime.”

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Creary made the comments during the St Mary municipality’s monthly meeting on January 13 after hearing that various types of crimes continue to trend downwards in the parish.

Head of the St Mary Police Division, Superintendent Bobette Morgan-Simpson, told the meeting that the parish recorded 111 “serious and violent crimes” last year, reflecting a decrease of 48.

Murders also went down from the 32 cases reported in 2020 to 27 last year, Morgan-Simpson disclosed, but noted that even one murder is unacceptable.

St Mary, in the meantime, recorded 18 cases of shooting in 2021 and the previous year, respectively. Robberies declined from 23 in 2020 to 13 last year.

There was also a major fall in the parish’s rape cases. Five were recorded last year in comparison to 31 in the previous year.

Creary wants less focus on murder rate and more on gains made  Jamaica Observer


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