Trinidad MP accuses minister of playing road works politics

Trinidad MP

Trinidad MP accuses minister of playing road works politics

Pointe-a-Pierre, Trinidad MP David Lee, said it is time for the deception and neglect of Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan to end.

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Lee’s comment was made over the poor condition of roads in his constituency and the failure to have them repaired despite numerous promises being made by Sinanan.

In a press release on Friday, Lee called for the immediate repair of Rose Hill Junction, Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay.

“The broken promises, deception and total neglect by the Minister of Works and Transport towards the constituents of Pointe-a-Pierre must stop now.

“This morning, frustrated by the Minister of Works and Transport’s consistent refusal to adequately repair the Southern Main Road, specifically in the vicinity of Rose Hill Junction, Claxton Bay, dozens of residents from Pointe-a-Pierre engaged in protest, blocking the road with debris.”

Lee said it is absolutely unacceptable, disgraceful and beyond reason that Sinanan, the Minister charged with the responsibility for national infrastructure, has persistently ignored their calls over the last two years to adequately repair one of the most important roads in the country’s entire national road network.

“This is no ordinary road but the Southern Main Road, which facilitates thousands each day as well as provides the key route to the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

“It is a total dereliction of duty and contravention of public integrity that for two years the Minister of Works and Transport has promised to repair this road yet all that was done was some shabby spot patching which was destroyed within days.”

He noted that as MP for the area, he has been tirelessly requesting that immediate rehabilitation be undertaken on that road due to the vehicle damage thousands have experienced as well as the daily massive traffic pile-up caused as a result of the existing conditions.

Discrimination over road repairs, says MP David Lee  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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