Peter Carbon Says Dominica needs agriculture to survive

Peter Carbon

Peter Carbon Says Dominica needs agriculture to survive

Former Agricultural Minister in the United Workers Party (UWP) administration, Peter Carbon has said the economic survival of Dominica, depends on the survival of its Agricultural industry.

He said the income gained from farming gives opportunity for all Dominicans to grow their businesses and help in nationwide development.

“I worked in the agricultural sector for a long time and I know that the economic survival of Dominica depends on the survival of the agricultural … industry. Agriculture supplies income for thousands of rural families and that money is circulated in the community, the city’s, support our business and expanding new business,” Carbon stated in ‘The Worker’s Voice’ program on Q95 FM radio recently.

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Carbon said what he realized is that the current development in Dominica is tied to the failure of the Agricultural sector and believes that a government is there to create an economic system so that the people can make necessary investment to create wealth.

Carbon explained that in the last 20 years he has seen a “destruction” of opportunities for people, especially young person’s stating that citizens below the age of 40 years “really have not experienced a government that give them opportunities.”

He said growing up in the 70s, there were more job opportunities for your persons, just after graduating from high school.

“When I graduated from The Dominica Grammar School, I didn’t have to apply for a job. I was selected to be a trainee in the department of agriculture and at that time there were so many opportunities that your school, actually selected attachments for you and this continued I believe up to 2000 because no graduate in Dominica had to struggle to find a job,”

He added , “A country develops by creating wealth. You create wealth by building industries. We have the agricultural industry, today is almost gone. The agriculture industry provided opportunities in the bananas, coconuts, tree crops and root crops all these provided commercial opportunities, where somebody could go to the bank, gets some money and invest in an Industry and expect to make profits.”

Dominica’s fate tied to survival of agricultural industry, former UWP minister insists  Dominica News Online


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