Grieving Father Devastated By Daughter’s Murder

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Grieving Father Devastated By Daughter’s Murder

A grieving father yesterday lamented that Jamaica’s crime problem turned up at his doorstep snatching his beloved daughter who was killed at the hand of a gunman inside a shop at Royale Plaza, St John’s Road, in St Catherine.

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The victim, 24-year-old Sharain Stephenson, would have celebrated her next birthday on March 6.

Ansom Stephenson, father of the deceased, told The Gleaner that Sharain’s death was unexpected.

“Mi a rip up inside … My brain out of the world now, believe me. This is not something that was expected. Mi know crime and violence turn up inna Jamaica, way up, but when it reach your (his) doorstep … it nuh reach certain people doorstep yet for them to realise wah gwaan inna Jamaica,” Stephenson said.

He said Sharain, his first daughter, was very jovial, independent and was the envy of many growing up.

Stephenson said his daughter always had the latest in female trends and growing up in the ghetto, jealousy played a major factor.

Sharain was inside the Izizzi Lottery store and bar operated by her mother when a man entered, ordered a drink then asked for her.

The Gleaner understands that another woman who was offering service felt uncomfortable and was hesitant but Sharain, who was on her phone, appeared from under the counter to see who wanted her. The man opened fire hitting her in the head.

The gunman escaped on a waiting motorcycle.

Sharain’s childhood friend told The Gleaner that the now deceased last posted to her WhatsApp at 10:38 a.m. saying, “To be honest, this Shenseea song is mad annoying.”

She was then surprised to learn that approximately 10:45 a.m. Sharain was killed, noting also that ‘bad mind and envy’ could not be ruled out.

Family mourns shooting death of young woman | Lead Stories  Jamaica Gleaner


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