Claxton Bay Trinidad In Uproar Over Unfixed Roadway

Claxton Bay

Claxton Bay Trinidad In Uproar Over Unfixed Roadway

Claxton Bay residents, taxi drivers and motorists using the Old Southern Main Road in Claxton Bay burnt debris and blocked the roadway in protest yesterday.

The fiery protest began at daybreak at the worst part of the roadway where giant potholes have developed.

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Aaron Silcott who lives in the area, said the protest will be taken further. “If we don’t get this fix, it is going to continue to Port to Spain … I am telling the Acting Commissioner of Police, send tear gas. We will bring natural gas from Point Lisas, you send tear gas. We are citizens of this county, we are not backing down this time.”

He said the area has been neglected for the past 25 years. Silcott said it takes 20 minutes to drive across 100 feet of road way. “All we simply need is a proper road system. The drains need to be cleaned, we need new drainage system to come out of all the side road … Why is this taking long? … We have an entire industrial estate in Point Lisas, we have Pointe a Pierre, we have the most important main road and we can’t get a simple situation like this fixed.”

Maxi taxi operator and president of the Green Band Maxi Taxi Association Vickash Kissoondath said the protest was organized by the villagers and the maxi taxi drivers joined in when they came upon the protest while plying their trade.

He said the condition of the road had been causing wear and tear to their vehicles and also causing traffic build up. “If you are a commuter and you have to commute from San Fernando to Chaguanas and you have to reach into Chaguanas for 8 a.m. you will have to leave home at least 5 a.m. just to deal with this traffic and same thing applies in the afternoon period.”

He said he hoped that the protest will bring assistance from the government and the relevant ministries.

‘Bring the tear gas’  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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