Phase 5 to grant kids same vax status as traveller parents

Phase 5

Phase 5 to grant kids same vax status as traveller parents

The punishment for the sin of being vaccinated while travelling with your unvaccinated children to the Cayman Islands, will be reduced to 7 days of quarantine, isolation and constant testing. Prior to this reduction, visitors had to spend weeks with their unvaccinated children in isolation. The change is an obvious mercy on the part of the benevolent and wise Cayman regime; that no doubt remain heavily influenced by the over exuberant technocrats in their Health Ministry.

As Site Nestor reported: “Families with unvaccinated children have been spending as long as three weeks in quarantine because of the delays in getting their first PCR test to start the clock on their official isolation period, then waiting in some cases more than three days to get their negative exit test.”

The unvaccinated as usual, got the short end of the Phase 5 stick. They will be quarantined for 10 days, as opposed to the 7 vaccinated visitors do, who have unvaccinated children.

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This still very taxing and draconian reduction, as welcome as it might be to visitors who had to suffer in quarantine for weeks; (because they dared not inoculate their children with ineffective vaccines;) did not come about because the hearts of Cayman government officials suddenly began bleeding for their quarantined victims; but was done in an attempt to revive their ailing tourism numbers.

Who knew that forcing people, vaccinated or otherwise, to rot in quarantine for weeks, while on their vacation, would harm visitor arrivals?

If there’s an answer to a question, just follow the money.

As reported in the Cayman News Service:

The quarantine and isolation misery will be over early for more than 500 people who are currently locked down because they travelled with unvaccinated children, as new regulations moving Cayman into Phase 5 of its border reopening plan come into effect. The new rules allow children travelling with adults to be assigned the COVID-19 vaccination status of their parents and enable them to move to a seven-day lateral flow testing regime.

While vaccinated parents can now travel to Cayman with unvaccinated kids and follow the three-test regime over the shortened period of seven days, locals wanting to travel to the Sister Islands will now need to get a negative certified LFT before they get on the plane, regardless of their vaccination status, including people travelling this holiday weekend.

Speaking at the first press briefing for 2022, Premier Wayne Panton revealed the requirement for people travelling to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman to take the tests as one of a number of measures being introduced to protect the elderly and more vulnerable population on the Brac, where there has been an increase in cases.

Meanwhile, the new regulations relating to travellers and visitors comes into effect immediately and Travel Cayman will be organising a drive-through lateral flow exit test service for all eligible families tomorrow.

All vaccinated travellers currently in isolation with their children will now be eligible to move to a seven-day testing regime, where kids five and over will also need to be tested. Families where parents are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated will now only be required to isolate for ten days and can also take a certified LFT rather than a PCR to exit quarantine.

The regulations outlining the changes for travellers are expected to be published on the government gazette this evening. Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan said that the new rules, coupled with the anticipated increase in airlift with the return of a number of US-based airlines, set the stage for an increase in visitors and hopes for a surge in bookings to the islands for Spring Break and Easter.

Phase 5 of border reopening takes immediate effect – Cayman Islands Headline News  Cayman News Service


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