Get Our Children Back To School Petition has 700 signatures

Back To School Petition

Get Our Children Back To School Petition has 700 signatures

Stop holding our students hostage and get them back to the classroom. This is the clarion call from a growing number of concerned individuals who are petitioning the Government to resume face-to-face learning for the island’s children.

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This after the announcement of February 21, 2022 as the tentative date for children to return to the classroom.

A Get Our Children Back to School petition had garnered close to 700 signatures up to Thursday, with parents and concerned individuals outlining various reasons for the children to resume face-to-face classes.

Pointing out that the island’s children matter, one petitioner said “the experts worldwide have stated schools be last to close and first to open”.

“Barbados is going to pay the price for this in the decades to come,” they said.

Anna Hos, who is said to have started the petition some three months ago, said while she was aware the island was facing the COVID-19 pandemic and the health care system was under “serious strain”, parents were anxious about having a concrete plan for the island’s children and their education.

“We, the parents of Barbados, need a road map to get our kids back to school. One online term is enough,” she said.

“The youth of this country are losing valuable education and social skills and there is only silence from our government. Please, can you provide a structure and system to get them back into school in January 2022,” she said when she started the petition.

Hos said: “What is the percentage of kids that need to be vaccinated? We need a structure that schools, principals and parents can work towards. The youth cannot be held hostage for a medical system that cannot cope. Our kids must get back to school. Please provide a rollout plan to achieve this as soon as possible.”

One petitioner cried shame on the government, saying: “the Government of Barbados doesn’t seem to be bothered by the importance of the education of our children. There is no reason to keep the schools closed when just about everything else is open and running normally.”

One petitioner named Kristi Evelyn said that as a doctor she was “horrified at the effect of not being at in-person school on the children of Barbados’ mental, emotional and physical health”.

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