Biden sends $37 million to pro-abortion education cannot wait

Seemingly uncontroversial new spending by the Biden administration to help child refugees actually may be used to push abortions on vulnerable children world-wide, according to a new investigation by C-Fam. Last year, the Biden administration announced plans to give $37 million to Education Cannot Wait, a UN Children’s Fund project that helps displaced and refugee children in emergency and disaster areas across the world.

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The $37 million in taxpayer funds adds to the nearly $60 million that the Biden administration already gave to the program, according to a press release from the fund.

Though the funding appears to support a vital, non-controversial need, C-Fam pointed out that the Education Cannot Wait program also promotes “sexual and reproductive health rights,” including the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

It pointed to a 2018-2021 “Gender Strategy” document from the program that encourages participating groups to link “sexual and reproductive health services to education and learning opportunities.”

“Programs that receive funds from Education Cannot Wait are required to advance these ideas and adhere to strict policy guidelines outlined in various strategy documents,” C-Fam wrote.

Here’s more from the investigation:

Education Cannot Wait policy guidelines also direct its partners to follow UNESCO’s Technical Guidance on Comprehensive Sexuality Education, a highly controversial guidance which includes many themes and concepts that have never received global consensus including the right to “sexual and reproductive health (including access to safe abortion services and post-abortion care).”

In a press release, USAID Administrator Samantha Power, an appointee of President Joe Biden, expressed pride that they are spending more to help vulnerable children across the world.

Joe Biden Sends $37 Million to Global “Children’s Fund” That Promotes Abortion  LifeNews.comJoe Biden Sends $37 Million to Global “Children’s Fund” That Promotes Abortion  LifeNews.comJoe Biden Sends $37 Million to Global “Children’s Fund” That Promotes Abortion  LifeNews.comRead More“when:24h” – Google News

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