Serrana condo project still opposed By Neighbouring Owners

Serrana condo project

Elvis Ltd and Vista Development, the owners and developers behind the Serrana condo project on North West Point, West Bay, are seeking to modify the planning permission they already have to increase the site layout, to revise and increase the floor area by 1,538.27sqft and increase the floor elevation, as well as add three hot tubs, an open roof deck and solar panels.

The Serrana Condo Project remains controversial as several neighbouring landowners continue to argue that they were never notified about this development in the first place. They also say that the area was re-zoned without public consultation and that the Central Planning Authority had ignored the advice of the Department of Environment to deny permission to modify the shoreline or reduce the oceanfront setbacks.

Since the work began, little has happened to improve the concerns of neighbours, who have submitted objections to the latest application to increase the overall size of the development.

According to the latest correspondence from objectors, construction in the allowed zone has become a public nuisance. Neighbours have recorded reckless practices on the site, and they are urging the CPA not to approve any further work until a review of the site operations and adherence to existing approvals has been reviewed.

Even though this project was approved almost two years ago, the objectors state that they have still not seen the notification that was supposed to have been circulated to landowners in 2019. But that concern has been surpassed by the impact the development has had on the lives of neighbours, who say that work has taken place, sometimes at weekends and late into the night, to fill in the ironshore and build a sea wall.

The objectors have told the CPA that construction workers shout all day long, sometimes into the evening when they socialise at the site after work.

They complained of industrial lighting at night, including during the past turtle nesting season, and evidence of pollution in the marine park. They say no screens have been used to prevent dust and silt and that agreements with neighbours about trees that had to be removed to fill in boundary lines have not been met.

Serrana developers seek to expand NWP project – Cayman Islands Headline News  Cayman News Service


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