Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit not yet ready to be President

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

While Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit says he would be honored to serve as the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica, he has dimisssed claims that he will replace H.E Charles Savarin in 2023, as according to Skerrit, his devotion at present lies with the Dominica Labour Party (DLP).

Many have speculated that Skerrit would exit his post of Prime Minister to serve as President of Dominica in the not so distant future. However when questioned on the possibility of such during his weekly program, annou palé, Skerrit said, to accept the position at this time would not be in the best interest of his party.

“Being the President of the country would be an extraordinary honor to be the Head of State of our country. I believe this is the ultimate position in the country but I am a politician and I have been at the helm of the Labour Party since 2004 and I do not believe that me becoming President at this time would be helpful to my party so I would not accept.”

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit did not dismiss the idea of becoming President “down the road” but he said 2023 is too soon.

“These views on people’s minds of Skerrit becoming the President , maybe down the road if this post is offered to me yes, but the current President terms ends in 2023  and that is before the next election and for me to sit in  the State House and you have an  election campaign going on and all I can do is to listen to DBS radio, I don’t see myself doing this.”

Though the Prime Minister holds the view that he is quite capable of filling the post of President of Dominica, he said he would deny any opportunity which prevented him from wearing his  “it is safer with Labour t-shirt” and promoting his party come the next general election.

“I am labour to the bone and I want to ensure that Dominica is protected and have the best party to manage the affairs of Dominica, which is the Dominica Labour Party,” Skerrit declared.

PM Skerrit ‘would be honored to serve as President’ but says he will not accept post at this time  Dominica News Online


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