Bermudans question validity & vagueness of covid numbers

Bermudans Question Covid

Bermudans Question COVID Statement: I’d put money on everybody that is in hospital ’with’ Covid is fully vaccinated. Government will start to give us this status again after Feb 15th when the fully vaccinated status is changed.

A user named Bob

As the world enters its third year dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the ordinary Joe Citizen, who has been subjected to myriad protocols and vaccination demands, has begun to doubt almost every single statement governments and their respective medical agencies put out.

At the start of the pandemic in December of 2019 and going into the following year, terror brought by the startling spread of “the virus”, and the high number of deaths it reportedly brought, was more than enough incentive for most ordinary people, to follow precisely the directives of what were supposed to be trusted authorities.

But going on three years of unreliable, contradictory and flat out wrong information, that gullible belief in “official statistics” and directives, has been eroded to a point of no return.

Is that “new reality” to borrow a phrase, any wonder, given how wrong scientists and others have been about COVID? Keep COVID protocols, and the spread of the virus will be stopped, they insisted. Being vaccinated will stop the spread of the virus, they bellowed. Being fully vaccinated (with an ever increasing number of jabs needed to be so), will stop the spread of the virus. But all of their predictions were wrong.

Now the medical and scientific communities pretend they never said being vaccinated, fully or otherwise, would protect from or cure COVID; just that it would lessen the symptoms. But as the numbers keep rolling in, even that convenient goal post shift, is proving to be false.

As this story out of Bermuda demonstrates, more and more, the response of ordinary people to anything government and medical practitioners have to say on COVID is; I don’t believe you.

Bermudans Question COVID Statement

This story from Bermuda is fascinating, not because of the ho hum daily COVID numbers report, but because of the fact ordinary Bermudans question the COVID statement, and the convenience of its vagueness.

The following daily COVID update from Bermuda’s Royal Gazette reads as follows:

Active cases of Covid-19 have continued to climb, up to 1,953 from the 1,882 announced five days ago.

There are now 13 people in hospital with the coronavirus, two of them in intensive care, as well as a new record for active infections.

Bermudans Question Covid
Bermuda Premier Dave Burt

There were ten people in hospital and one being treated in the ICU at the last update.

The figures were released as health officials recorded 603 new cases out of 6,035 tests for the virus carried out from last Tuesday to Thursday – a positivity rate of ten per cent.

Bermuda’s total confirmed cases during the pandemic now exceeds 9,000.

Information on active cases by vaccination status, transmission, and type was not available. (Editor’s emphasis)

But recent figures have shown the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has dominated the fifth outbreak on the island, which has now surpassed the surge last September that peaked at 1,612 active cases.

Case numbers have also climbed more quickly than they did during the island’s fourth wave, which was driven by the Delta variant.

Covid-19: 1953 active infections, hospitalisations up to 13 with two in ICU  Royal Gazette

Comments Emblematic of Trust Erosion in COVID Gatekeepers

The line we italicised, ‘Information on active cases by vaccination status, transmission, and type was not available.‘ sticks out like a sore thumb for its vagueness and the commenters from the original article quickly picked up on this.

A user named Bob wrote: I’d put money on everybody that is in hospital ’with’ Covid is fully vaccinated. Government will start to give us this status again after Feb 15th when the fully vaccinated status is changed.

Another user named IcnanA even joked about it. “In their defense, their policies have put so many people in quarantine for a second time that parking in town is no issue.”

IcnanA on a more serious note added: So the longer this goes on the less information we get. Just resign. I have more to say but I think I’ll wait out on that.

Weasel perhaps made the point most succinctly, writing this: In the hospital FOR the illness? Or in the hospital and tested pozzy? How many in the hospital are vaccinated? Does a senior with 2 shots and a booster yesterday count as unvaccinated now? I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna have a lot of unvaccinated cases soon.

Responding to weasel, Anders wrote: Easy to accuse the unvaccinated to take the blame for this Omicron. But we all should be looking at who really spread Omicron…the vaccinated. In the clubs, parties, restaurants etc…So, in order for these vaccines to work, unvaccinated people can’t come near then.

Who could have imagined these questions and doubts arising even early last year? But the authorities have slowly eroded the public’s trust and now are paying the price. In retaliation, the unvaccinated are paying a price of their own; being ostracized, fined and overall penalised into oblivion, for dissenting from the opinion of their democratically elected leaders.


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