T&T ‘Expert’ Promises Answers For High COVID Death Toll


WHY are so many people dying from Covid-19 in T&T?

Prof Terrence Seemungal, chair of the Prime Minister-appointed committee tasked to investigate this, told the Express yesterday that by the end of the week of their probe T&T will have answers.

“We are going to do our best. I know the deadline is short, if it wasn’t urgent I guess they would have given us a long time, we are going to meet the deadline and we have some competent people on board. We could always strategise and do the most important things. We will have a report ready by the end of the week,” he said.

Asked whether he himself had questions about the Covid-19 death rate, Seemungal responded, “I think people on a whole would like to get an objective view on what’s happening and I think that’s the purpose of the committee. By the end of the week, I’m sure you will have all the answers.”

The five-member team will hold its first formal meeting today, he said.

Seemungal is the Dean at the UWI Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Pressed with further questions, Seemungal said he could not say anything or have a position until he has looked at the data.

Report to be made public

On Saturday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced the appointment of the committee as he lamented that some people were of the view that the standard of care at the hospitals is the reason for the high numbers of Covid-19 deaths being recorded.

The Prime Minister said some people, including members of the Opposition and trade unions, have been challenging the veracity of the statistics and information health officials have been providing.

Rowley said the committee members will “go into our healthcare system, examine it and at the end of the week, as long as they don’t ask for more time… they will report back to the Government and I give the country the assurance that as soon as I get that report, whatever it contains, it will be made public,” he said.

Five-member team begins work today  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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