Fitzgerald Hinds Bet $100 To Talk To Gardens Constituents

Fitzgerald Hinds

MEMBER of Parliament for Naparima Rodney Charles has challenged Laventille West MP Fitzgerald Hinds to walk without security guards into Beetham Gardens and Laventille and talk to residents about their sewer problems.

Speaking at the UNC’s weekly news conference yesterday, Charles said he will pay Hinds $100 if he can come out of the challenge unscathed.

Last Monday morning, residents of Beetham Gardens set fire to debris to block the Beetham Highway in protest over a leaking sewer line that was promised to be fixed months ago.

“Fitzgerald Hinds does not recognise that it is his first duty as an elected representative to ensure that residents of Beetham Estate, his constituents, should not endure the pernicious scent of raw sewage for over six months. He does not see anything wrong in him asking them to be more patient. For Heaven’s sake! And he has posted the most disgusting and divisive Facebook post that a Minister of National Security has ever put out,” said Charles.

Holding up a $100 bill, he said, “That is why I am today challenging MP Fitzgerald Hinds. If he name man, if he brave, go to Beetham Estate over the next three days to hold face-to-face discussions with residents. But he must do so without accompanying security. That is the bet. If he does that, if he feels he ‘powerful stupid’, I will pay him $100, solid, liquid cash for losing a bet. So Fitzgerald, we have a bet. Go into Beetham Estate to hold a cottage meeting with all residents and do that within three days but do that without security.”

Good man, wrong government 

Charles also spoke of a protest at Residents of Sahai Trace, St Croix Road, Princes Town, where residents renamed the street after Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein last Thursday as they highlighted deplorable road conditions, which resulted in a landslide in the area.

Charles said that his colleague MP San Juan/ Barataria Saddam Hosein here “could go to any part of San Juan/Barataria. I could go to any part of Kazim Hosein Trace without security and in fact I might get a glass of water. I am not sure he could do the same.”

Charles has $100 challenge for Hinds | Local News |  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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