ABFA & FIFA Receive Letter From Clubs Over Elections


A letter seeking clarity from the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) regarding the reason or reasons for delaying constitutionally due elections has been copied to the sport’s international governing body, FIFA.

This is according to floor member and presidential hopeful, Barbara Coates, who said the decision was made based on advice they received from a lawyer during a meeting with some clubs in December last year.

“What we did is that we met with the clubs and we had a lawyer there, Loy Weste, who was able to articulate very clearly and explain certain points of the constitution and took questions as well from the members so that they could appreciate and understand what the constitution does for us and the powers that they as members have,” he said.

“We were able to have that meeting on 12 December and he had highlighted too, the lack of a tribunal would mean that with the ABFA not even responding to us, we could definitely go straight to FIFA,” he added.

The ABFA vote was constitutionally due in March last year but was delayed because of government restrictions on large gatherings over fears of the Covid-19 virus.

FIFA, in April last year, had written to the ABFA reminding the body that its constitution does not allow for the hosting of virtual elections. 

Coates has argued, however, that with proper Covid-19 protocols in place, the electoral congress could be sanctioned by health officials and is hoping for FIFA’s intervention.

“In the interim, I am not certain if FIFA would directly respond to us and yes, there were 21 signatures because after the initial letter went to FIFA we got two more clubs who said they would sign. We even sent another reminder to the FA stating that yes, we said that this is the deadline but we have two more signatures here showing the solidity and just to cement our position. I don’t know if FIFA would directly respond per say. I am sure they would likely approach the general secretary and the president and say we got this, what is that about and let’s have a discussion about this complaint here,” he said.

Clubs sign letter penned to FIFA and ABFA questioning election delay  Antigua Observer


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