Delegates of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) today voted to reject the Government’s wage offer.

The vote was held at a special virtual delegates’ conference.

The JTA says a total of 413 delegates voted.

The breakdown is as follows:
Reject Offer: 244
Accept Offer: 163
Abstain: 6

The claim was made for the contract period April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023.

As earlier reported, JTA president Winston Smith said of these most recent negotiations: “Views will always contend, and I cannot challenge or crucify someone for having a different thought. What we want to do is to sit around the table and discuss the matter in a manner that will redound [contribute greatly] to the benefit of both sides,”.

“We just have to be honest and straightforward and put all cards on the table. One thing I do know is that whatever the delegates say is what I will have to speak to, because the JTA is not the president; it is all of us working collectively as one unified body.”

The JTA president had spoken following his keynote address at the inauguration service for the executive committee of Anchovy High School’s Past Students’ Association in St James, and had said that both sides must be willing to have amicable discussions on the issue. 

JTA rejects gov’t’s wage offer | News  Jamaica Gleaner


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