Dominica’s E-passport Adoption Deadline Is Now August

Dominica's E-Passport

An original deadline given by the government of Dominica to replace the machine readable passport to the new E-passport has now been revised from July 30, 2023, to now August 30, 2022. The new passport which was launched in July 2021 replaces the machine-readable one and contains both overt and covert security features that are woven into the design. Dominica’s E-passport also holds a microchip that is used to authenticate the passport holder’s identity, adhering to the highest international standard.

Dominica's E-Passport

According to the Canadian Bank Note Company Limited which designed and created the new passports,  they have incorporated a modern and aesthetic design that reflects the nature of Dominica and displays the country’s landmarks, flora and fauna.

Minister for National Security and Home Affairs, Rayburn Blackmoore made the announcement at a year in review press conference for his ministry on Wednesday.

According to Blackmoore, the initial date given for the migration period of two years and three months was changed because his government understood the need for Dominica to join global efforts in ensuring more secure travel.

“Given the pace at which the world is currently moving and the emphasis internationally for improved security systems as well as the demand for safer and more secure systems. There’s also a universal demand for more efficient and secure travel documents that are acceptable by all and that are in keeping with relevant international standards and protocols,” the Minister stated.

In an effort to mitigate against any level of panic which may arise with the revised date, he made known that his ministry has developed plans to guide Dominicans during the transition in the upcoming months.

Blackmoore revealed that additional space has been created at the immigration and passport office in Roseau to ensure that there is additional staff for the smooth transition. The immigration department will also receive additional equipment which he says will enable quicker processing of applications.

“I want to also give the public the assurance and confidence that a shift system will be put in place to ensure that there are no delays in passport issuance,” he added.

Dominica’s deadline for complete adoption of E-passport is now August 2022  Dominica News Online


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