Desmond Rawlins Widow Uncertain About Kids’ Future

Desmond Rawlins

DESMOND RAWLINS was shot dead near his Fyzabad home yesterday.

Rawlins’ wife Rajdai Ramsamooj had seen him minutes earlier when she went to deliver the meal he requested.

Ramsomooj, a caterer with Rawlins, said after preparing the meal, he asked that she bring three additional boxes of food.

Ramsamooj said she dropped the lunches around mid-day for Rawlins, and within ten minutes of returning home, a man told her he had been shot.

“I leave and I went down the hill. When I reached down, I seeing everybody in the road… I watch over the drain and he lie down in the drain.”

Ramsamooj described Desmond Rawlins as respectful.

She said he would walk the road and acknowledge everyone he passed, even if he did not know them.

She was confused over who would want to harm her husband.

She was also unsure about the future.

“I have two little children to see about. What I going and do now?” she asked.

Homicide officers visited the scene and investigations continue into Rawlin’s death.

The murder toll for the year so stood at 19 last night.

“I have two little children to see about. What I going and do now?”  Trinidad & Tobago Express Newspapers


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