Documents outstanding in Nattalie Dawkins murder case

Nattalie Dawkins

The men charged with the 2021 murder of Clarendon schoolteacher Nattalie Dawkins were remanded when they appeared in the Clarendon Circuit Court today. 

The accused men, 20-year-old Eladio Goulbourne of Sandy Bay district and 19-year-old Mario Headley of Palmers Cross district, both in Clarendon, are to return to court on January 31. 

They are charged with murder, abduction, burglary, illegal possession of firearm, and ammunition, assault with intent to rape, and robbery with aggravation.

Dawkins, a grade-four teacher at Four Paths Primary and Junior High School in the parish, was reportedly abducted from her home on March 30 last year. 

The frantic search ended tragically when her decomposed remains were found on April 8, 2021, in Sandy Bay. 

It was disclosed in court today that DNA was compared using samples from Dawkins’ father and siblings to confirm her identity. 

The court also heard that several documents for the accused files are outstanding.

They include fingerprint results taken from a refrigerator that was removed from the home of the deceased, and from her handbag and other personal belongings. 

A statement from the National Commercial Bank (NCB) is also outstanding.

The court heard that the file from NCB should be ready within a month. 

It was also disclosed that Goulbourne’s image was captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV) using an ATM around the time a reported sum of $60,000 was withdrew from Dawkins’ account.

The money was said to be shared between Goulbourne and his co-accused.

Speaking of the outstanding documents, one prosecutor said: “I don’t think they will prevent mature decisions from taking place,” adding that there was enough “indication that they participated in the demise of the deceased,” citing caution statements given by both men in April last year.  

Fingerprint report, bank statement outstanding in Nattalie Dawkins murder case  Jamaica Gleaner


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