Director Promises Much of the Same on Education


The Ministry of Education intends to pay greater attention to supervision of schools this calendar year. Director of Education, Clare Browne, speaking on the work that will be carried out in this the second term of the academic year and going forward said mentoring and monitoring what is taking place in classrooms across the public education system in the country are priorities.

“We will continue to have targeted training for teachers and continue to do everything we can to scaffold students’ learning, Mr. Browne said.

Supplying schools with adequate internet service is another area where emphasis is being placed. The director of education has credited the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Information Technology for the work it continues to do in making the service available to students and teachers.

“They have done an excellent job in ensuring our public secondary schools are fully outfitted with internet; 100 megabytes spread across the school plants. They have started to work with the primary schools and then the private institutions will follow,” he noted.

According to Mr. Browne, the Board of Education will continue providing laptops for students and teachers, adding attention is currently being given to second form students. Refurbished E-Books have been distributed to first formers, which will be replaced once new laptops are sourced.

Director of Education outlines priority areas for new term  Antigua Observer


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