Mottley Touts “People-Centric Leadership” in Manifesto

Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall

Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley outlined the five core values as set out in the Manifesto and the 12 drivers of national transformation, during the General Elections Manifesto Launch held at the Island Inn yesterday. Mottley said she was “exceedingly proud” of the document, which will give Barbadians the opportunity to be able to see where the nation is at and how her party intends to take it where it needs to go. She meanwhile indicated that a separate youth centric manifesto will be launched as a digital portal soon.

“We have set out to ensure that there are core values of transformation and those core values of transformation you will find in this Manifesto, after you read my message to you that sets context and the Party’s message that sets context. Those core values of transformation are very simple. One – that there must be “People-Centred Leadership”, because that matters. People must be at the centre of what we do as a government. When the crisis hit last year, even year before now, even though we had been streamlining employment in government, we recognised that the private sector could not carry the jobs in the country and therefore, could not be responsible for people being able to earn and live and feed their families. Who stepped up to the late? The government of Barbados…people centred leadership that is sensitive to the realities of people,” Mottley announced. 

“The second core value is that “Government Must Deliver For All”. We are not delivering for a few people. Government must deliver for all and the truth is that we believe that in doing so, the role of the private sector and the individual small businessman is to maximise profit, but the role of government is to ensure fairness in the public space and transparency and it must not be for one class of people, at the expense of the other” Mottley further noted, whilst pointing to government’s effort in implementing a national minimum wage and increasing the amount for those receiving non- contributory pension, as evidence of her administration’s efforts to deliver to all.

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