Trevor Noah Gender Reveal Rant; Not Funny!


In a world now dominated by liberal ideologies, not even the euphoria parents feel when revealing the gender of their little bundle of joy; is safe from the furious virtue signaling of the left wing mob. Recently, Trevor Noah, the unfunny host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Social Distancing Show (how cringe); per a report in the Washington Examiner; “noted that the practice of parents celebrating the gender of their child feels “outdated” to him, “given everything we’re learning about gender.”

Trevor Noah
Not funny Trevor Noah couldn’t resist lecturing the rest of us about our children in his latest piece of “comedy”.

“Celebrating a baby’s genitalia is starting to feel very outdated,” said Noah dryly. “Like, given everything we’re learning about gender, gender reveal parties should only happen when the child is old enough to know their actual gender.”

So according to Noah, “given everything we’re learning about gender”; we’re incapable of determining a baby’s gender until he/she is old enough to know their actual gender. I wonder, how old was Trevor Noah when he revealed to his parents his gender? Should we even be referring to Noah as a ‘he’?’; or is that just too unscientific and opinion-based.

Anyway, as the Washington Examiner reported Trevor Noah was; “Riffing off the [California] fire that has burned through more than 7,000 acres”. If you’re waiting for the ‘funny” in that joke, please do keep in mind; we never accused the South African ‘comedian’ of being able to tell a funny joke.

The Examiner report added; “Noah’s suggestion that the parents wait until the child is old enough to select their preferred gender echoes a radical social movement that rejects traditional gender norms and promotes the acceptance of raising “theybies” or genderless children.”

Of course, the virtue signalers are not required to await the “theybies” consent before applying such a ridiculous pronoun to them. Only “radical moral conservatives” are measured by such an hypocritical yardstick.


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