CNN Coronavirus Doctor Equates Racism To A Pandemic


Proof could not be stronger that the whole coronavirus pandemic response, especially in the U.S.A. has been just as much about negatively impacting the Presidential tenure of one Donald Trump, than it’s been about the alleged concern the medical elites and political class harbour for the health of the worldwide community. As Dr. Rob Davidson’s recent CNN interview demonstrated; the so-called scientific response to coronavirus protocols not being upheld will change within the span of a single conversation; depending on who’s doing the protocol-breaking.

Per a Fox News report, Dr. Davidson heavily criticised Trump’s decision to host over a thousand people at his renomination acceptance speech at the White House South Lawn, while taking a very different view of the March on Washington which was attended by about 50 000 people.

Said the doctor to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper: “I was very concerned about the White House event last night, 1,500 people packed shoulder-to-shoulder, the head of the coronavirus task force [Vice President Mike Pence] in attendance without a mask with his family, his elderly mother without a mask. And it’s concerning,”

Dr. Davidson added: “We know that people weren’t tested, only people in direct contact with President Trump had testing done. So I think we’re going to see cases out of that and it’s modeling bad behavior.”

“Now when we juxtapose that to what’s happening in Washington D.C. right now, people are mostly wearing masks,” Davidson continued before going on to provide his double standards diagnosis of the situation.

“Now true, there’s social distancing issues.” he sheepishly admitted. “However, this is a public health crisis they are marching against. Systemic racism has taken so many lives in this country throughout our history. If you’re born Black in this country in 2017, you have a three-and-a-half-year lower life expectancy than if you were born White. If you’re a young Black man, you have a 1/1000 chance of being shot by police, three times more than if you were born White.”

“So I just think that when you’re marching against a public health emergency, I think you do every risk mitigation procedure you can, but we understand that we have to do the risk-benefit analysis and those folks are doing something very important today.”

According to the same Fox News report, “Davidson, [is] an emergency room physician as well as a 2018 Democratic congressional candidate (a fact that, as one critic pointed out, CNN did not disclose on-air).”

Ahh. CNN being fake news? Shocking!

Not shocking is that yet another so-called educated, liberal “white” male, believes he knows what’s best for “black” people, and can define for “black” people what he believes they go through. Not only is Davidson referring to racism as “a public health emergency” pretentious, it also encapsulates the liberal man’s ‘burden’ perfectly and is extremely condescending to every right thinking “black” in America.

In Davidson’s view, while so-called whites and every other race get to enjoy the privilege of being bound to public health protocols, “blacks” are just too weak, downtrodden, helpless and dumb to have to do so as well.

Also, by diagnosing racism a pandemic, was the ‘good’ doctor slyly letting the world know, that neither pandemic is a pandemic at all, but merely metaphor? Something to ponder.


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