Report: Only 20% of NBA Players Are Registered to Vote


Recently, ESPN’s Marc Spears reported that only 20% of NBA players are registered to vote. This low number would be staggering in ordinary times. But given that NBA players have recently led the call for young people, especially young “black” people to vote this November; this number just boggles the mind on several fronts.

With the near complete hijacking of the NBA’s messaging since its resumption in the Florida ‘bubble’, by the Black Lives Matter movement; it’s clear that the NBA is not just political, but it’s firmly ensconced in left wing politics, and by extension with the Democrat Party.

The players have been a part of several advertisements urging young people to vote this November, “for change”. And with Donald Trump being the incumbent, the message from NBA players could not be more clear: “Go vote Democrat in November so we can be rid of Trump.”

With that in mind, it’s fair to say that the NBA’s messaging hasn’t just encouraged voting, but it’s clearly pro-liberal in its direction and aim.

Which is why the Spears’ report from the “bubble” is so funny. Mike Greenburg asked Spears about the mindset of the players during the meeting held subsequent to their ‘boycott’ on Tuesday, to which Spears replied: “A lot was said. A lot of emotions. there was talk about finances if the players were to continue to play, not play. There was talk about voting. 20% of the players are registered to vote. It was mentioned in the meeting. And that needs to go up considerably.”

Which begs the question: Are NBA players hypocrites for encouraging voters to vote “for change” in November, when they themselves aren’t even registered to vote?

This extremely low number also encapsulates just how confused a lot of NBA players are when it comes to issues they claim to care about. As Clay Travis said today on Outkick the Show: Why should we take seriously anything NBA players say on these issues?

And that’s the point. The Milwaukee Bucks on a whim (seemingly) decided to boycott their game against the Orlando Magic, without having informed the Magic of what was going on. Then the rest of the teams agreed to boycott their games; also on a whim; without making clear what exactly was the aim of the boycott.

They’ve now ended their boycott, without changing or ending anything they were boycotting; which effectively made their boycott a three-day postponement.

The NBA players since the restart have been beating audiences over the head to get out and vote, while a tiny percentage of them are actually registered to vote.

It’s clear. These players shouldn’t be leaders on any of the issues they have no clue about and are unqualified to lecture anyone on. They’re emotional, disorganised, ignorant, and they’re clearly pawns of the corporations that are pulling their strings behind the scenes.


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