NYT Editorial Board Member Attacks “Abortion Extremist” Abby Johnson’s RNC Speech


Abortion advocates love to pretend that the decks are firmly stacked against them when it comes to the so-called “reproductive rights” of women. As if all the laws passed have been put in place to prevent abortions; when in fact the reverse is true. This holds true for Lauren Kelley, member of the New York Times Editorial board and staunch abortion advocate; who in her opinion piece entitled Why Only the Republicans Are Talking About Abortion, refers to former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson; as an “extreme anti-abortion activist”.

You see, in a world where self-professed women’s rights activists like Lauren Kelley, ceaselessly advocate for “women’s rights”, a woman’s right to choose…to walk away from Planned Parenthood and abortion advocacy; is brutally attacked, almost as much as the women, who’ve made that choice.

So for choosing to walk away from Planned Parenthood and subsequently advocating against abortion, Abby Johnson is not only called “extreme” by this New York Times editorial board member, but her entire backstory was called into question and therefore, her integrity. So much for “believe all women.”

But despite the fact that Kelley based almost her entire piece on Johnson’s RNC speech, she hardly cited it. After quoting a couple of lines she summed up Johnson’s speech thus: “The speech was as outrageous as one would expect of a woman who once said that the police would be “smart” to racially profile her biracial son and that American households should get one vote each — “In a Godly household, the husband would get the final say.”

Of course, Kelley had to take a shot at God and religion. But note carefully the strawman. What does Johnson’s statements on racial profiling have to do with her credibility on abortion issues? Only Kelley knows the answer to that.

But Kelley wasn’t done with Johnson nor her speech. “Like many R.N.C. speeches” Kelley added, “Ms. Johnson’s address felt like it was being delivered from a different universe than the one where last week’s Democratic convention took place. That’s not because the Democrats delivered a full-throated endorsement of reproductive rights. Despite a party platform that’s become increasingly progressive on the issue, during the D.N.C. there were only a handful of references to abortion.”

“In fact,” Kelley continues; “the word “abortion” does not show up once in the transcripts of the four-night event — though vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris spoke of “injustice in reproductive and maternal health care.”

Clearly when it comes to the Left, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Not mentioning the word “abortion” is a deliberate ploy by Democrats and liberals in general, to keep the image of “reproductive rights” as clean in the public eye as possible. In fact, Kelley in this very editorial, refers to abortion as “women’s reproductive rights” in this very piece, presumably for the same reason. Why then is this absence of the word “abortion” at the DNC, so surprising when it’s nothing new?

The editorial board member went on to say: “That omission was striking at a time when reproductive rights in America are more precarious than they’ve been in decades. The nation’s already uneven levels of abortion access have gotten worse during the coronavirus pandemic, and the situation could soon deteriorate more: Earlier this summer, John Roberts, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, signaled that he’d be open to dealing a fatal blow to abortion rights if he gets the right case.”

The above from Kelley’s editorial, is a prime example of the pro-abortionist’s tendency to pretend that everything is going downhill for his/her cause; when the opposite is true. To state that so-called reproduction rights in America are more precarious than they’ve been in decades is laughable. To use the temporary restrictions imposed during the pandemic and Supreme Court Justice John Roberts’ statements as proof positive of that, is even more laughable.

The temporary measures during the pandemic are just that, temporary. And John Roberts’ rulings on abortion should be given far more weight than anything he has to say about the issue. See, our article on the Louisiana anti-abortion law case. A case in which Roberts sided with the Liberal justices. And a fact Kelley is well aware of despite her pro-abortion doom mongering.

The law has overwhelmingly sided with the pro-abortion movement. Despite Kelley’s unfounded complaints.

But she wasn’t done. As with all New York Times Editorials, Donald Trump is never far from the conversation. Kelley to further her point about how “reproductive rights” are being trampled in America, cites Mary Ziegler, a law professor who notes that Mr. Trump “needs conservative voters to believe that there is no imminent threat to abortion rights — in other words, that the Supreme Court is not currently conservative enough” to fully overturn Roe v. Wade.”

As Justice Roberts and to a lesser degree Neil Gorsuch have proven, the court is truly not conservative enough to overturn legalized abortion in the United States. So Trump is right about that. The New York Times? Just fake news.


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