Why Anthony Fauci’s Explanation For Higher Coronavirus Death Rates Among Minorities Is Racist.


Malcolm X once said of the “white liberal”, that he “differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor.” Now, although we do not agree with Malcolm X’s ideology on race; what he said of the so-called white liberal perfectly fits in the case of America’s coronavirus Czar, Dr. Anthony Fauci.


In an interview with BET this week, Fauci offered up his explanation for the alleged higher incidence of coronavirus in the “black” and “Latinx” communities; and it was clear, he didn’t think either one was capable of making personal choices beneficial to their health and well being.

Per CBSNews “Black, Indigenous and Latinx communities have been hit hardest by the coronavirus. Black Americans, according to the CDC, are 2.5 times more likely to die from COVID-19 compared to their White counterparts.”

Fauci, during the BET interview started with this absurdity: “It’s what I call a double whammy against the minority, but particularly the African American and Latinx community. You don’t like to generalize, but as a demographic group, the African American community is more likely to be in a job that does not allow them to stay at home and do teleworking most of the time, they’re in essential jobs.”

How such a statement is not roundly condemned by a society so racially sensitive is beyond this author. What evidence does Fauci have to make such a generalization, immediately after stating “you don’t like to generalize”? Talk about the old, “I mean no disrespect…” line before going on to launch disrespect barbs.

Anyway, Fauci must have known how absurd his unsubstantiated remark about minority jobs was; as he immediately attempted to couch it with this: “I mean, obviously, there are a lot of African Americans who are not, that could just as easily do that. [stay at home jobs]” 

“But as a broad demographic group”, said Fauci in a lecturing tone, “you’re outside, you’re exposed. You may be in a financial or economic or employment situation where you don’t have as much control over physical separation, which is one of the ways that you prevent infection. So the likelihood of your getting infected is more than the likelihood of someone not in your position.”

The irony of Fauci stating on BET, that blacks as a group don’t have the option to work in a socially distant way is brutally apparent. And the BET interviewer and producers, are hypocrites for not calling “the good doctor” out on his ludicrous assumption; a generalization which isn’t only wrong, but racist on so many levels.

There are so many “whites” who work in “essential jobs”. And vice versa, many “African Americans” who work in jobs where they’re able to telework. So that false assumption has no bearing on the coronavirus numbers. It is simply based on Fauci’s own prejudices about where “blacks” tend to work as opposed to “whites”.

The fact is we really don’t know who and what determines coronavirus deaths, who actually has coronavirus, and if the tests are even reliable.

A big stickler in Fauci’s theory is that blacks here in the Caribbean and including right here in St. Lucia, are not being infected with the coronavirus at a higher rate than “whites” throughout the world. We still have had no coronavirus related deaths here in St. Lucia and we are a majority “black” country.

Which brings us to Fauci’s next false assertion. Said ‘the good doctor’: “The other side of the coin — and this has a lot to do with long-term social determinants of health — as a demographic group, African Americans have disproportionately greater incidents of the underlying conditions that allow you to have a more unfavorable outcome, namely more serious disease, hospitalization and even death. That is, diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, chronic kidney disease. If you look at populations as a whole, and you look at the demographic group of African Americans and the demographic group of the rest of the population, or Caucasian, what you see is a much greater incidence.”

Yes, it’s true blacks have more “comorbidities” as they’re being called than “whites”. But the assumption that those are the reasons for more “blacks” dying of the coronavirus, is inconsistent at best. Take diabetes for example. We in St Lucia are the world’s leader in diabetes; far higher than our “Afro-American” counterparts. Yet our coronavirus infection rates have remained low; and even more shocking, given our issues with diabetes, is that no one has died of the coronavirus.

Have persons here in St. Lucia died of diabetes? Yes. Heart related problems? Yes. Coronavirus? No. And that’s probably because for some reason, in the U.S., whoever dies while “infected” with the coronavirus, no matter what actually caused his/her death, becomes another coronavirus death statistic. Persons in the U.S. have even been counted as coronavirus victims, when they’ve died in a car accident. So the numbers are skewed to put it mildly.

But according to Fauci, “blacks” in the U.S. are far more susceptible to the coronavirus than everyone else because of their alleged socio-economic and biological disadvantages. “So you have two things going against you” said Fauci lecturing “blacks”. “You are physically in a position that’s more likely you’re going to get infected, and if you do get infected, you’re more likely to have a serious outcome.”

Neither of those assumptions are steeped in anything close to facts.


Dean Nestor

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