Is The Coronavirus An Example Of Faith Based Science?

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In this post COVID-19/coronavirus world, it is almost certain, that everyone is familiar with the image of the crown wearing virus. Everyone believes that this is a true representation of the disease that the W.H.O. says has infected over ten million people and killed half a million.

This is the most widespread image of what we’re told is the novel coronavirus

It is funny that all it takes for a world that prides itself on its rejection of God, and His Catholic Church, solely on the false premise that science proves neither; or disproves both; is buying hook, line and sinker, every fiction passed on as fact concerning the coronavirus.

We Catholics believe based on the faith that’s been passed down from Jesus Christ, who is God, through His ordained ministers, throughout the centuries. We believe what’s in Holy Scripture, based on what the Church tells us to believe.

Or is this the coronavirus?

For this we are scorned and derided. Laughed at and mocked. In a “science-based” world, there is simply no room for faith.

Yet this world’s belief in the coronavirus, and everything posited about it by the “experts” is ironically (and hypocritically) based on faith.

Who has ever seen the coronavirus? No, not the CGI fake images that we’re told to believe is an accurate depiction of our “invisible enemy.” But the actual virus, living and moving under the lens of a powerful microscope. Has anyone? Yet we believe that the above pictures, are accurate depictions of something we have never seen ourselves. Why? Because the expert scientists (the material world’s bizarre version of the Catholic priest); tell us that this is what they’ve seen. We “laymen” have never seen them for ourselves, yet we believe.

So much has been amiss with the whole coronavirus narrative. First, scientists at the W.H.O. told us that the virus could not spread to humans. They then told us that to close borders would increase the risk of the virus spreading throughout the world. Then they told us that the virus does not spread from close contact and to avoid stigmatizing ‘Asians’; particularly the Chinese. (Remember the totally racist campaign to “Hug a Chinese?”) That SJW narrative was apparently more important than stymying the spread of the virus.

They then told us that wearing masks does not stop the spread of the coronavirus. Then they told us social distancing and the use of hand sanitizers are the most effective ways to combat the virus’ spread; before that “most effective means of combat” morphed into the absolute necessity to wear a mask; which they had before informed us was not effective.

But what perhaps should be placed under most scrutiny by this religiously indifferent world, is the accuracy or lack thereof, of these coronavirus tests. The tests seem to turn out negative or positive based on a whim and no one seems to have an evidence-based explanation for this. No. Not even the so-called experts.

Earlier this month, per an NBC Sports report, “Professional U.S. golfer Cameron Champ immediately withdrew from the PGA Tour’s Travelers Championship…and announced plans to self-quarantine for 14 days after testing positive for the coronavirus.”

“Five days later, he said he tested negative — three times —”, the article continued; “raising questions about the accuracy of the tests that are being used by professional sports to screen players before big ticket events and games.”

This is hardly an isolated incident. But for NBC Sports, it’s only the accuracy of tests used by professional sports that ought to be called into question; a feeble attempt to absolve the faultiness of the entire coronavirus testing apparatus, and to distract from legitimate questions about the overall accuracy of what we’ve been told about the disease.

Besides, if, as NBC would later report, “Molecular tests such as the nasopharyngeal PCR test used by the PGA Tour have the lowest false positive rates out of the three main types of diagnostic Covid-19 tests”; then why only call into question their accuracy? In that case, shouldn’t the less accurate tests be called into question as well, and not just the sports ones? But that’s NBC for you.

PGA Tour spokeswoman Laura Neal after dismissing Champ’s false-positive claim, went on to cite data from Stanford Health. “Basically, given the accuracy percentage of the testing process we’re using, we’re confident the person has the virus in them and we want to be on the safest side possible.”

So despite what the “scientific” (contradictory) tests reveal, just believe you’re infected because we told you so. How scientific.

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk questioned the accuracy of coronavirus tests, UC Berkeley ‘infectious disease specialist’ John Swartzberg told McClatchy-Tribune news service “There are almost no false-positive tests with the RNA test. At best he’s confused, at worst he’s prevaricating.”

What an awesome example of the thorough, accurate, evidence-based science that has misinformed the world about everything that is or isn’t coronavirus. The arrogance is palpable. Believe us, question nothing, or we’ll just dismiss you as a crazy conspiracy nut. Of course 99.9% of the sheep will believe us because we’re “scientists”.

Dr. Gary Procop, a member of the American Society for Clinical Pathology board of directors and vice-chair of Pathology and Laboratories at Cleveland Clinic; also explained away the phenomena that are false positive tests: “When you have very low levels of the virus or viral fragments, one day you might be positive. The next day, you might be negative. There’s really nothing wrong with the test. It’s just the function of the test,” Procop said.

“That’s a coin toss between testing positive and negative. The test is fine. There’s just very low levels of target.” He added.

So it’s a “coin toss” says a scientist who happens to be an “expert” by the way, between testing positive or negative for the coronavirus. Why? “There’s just very low levels of target.” Does this mean there’s hardly any “coronavirus” in the body to begin with? Or does it mean it’s all science fiction? Who knows?

But despite NBC Sports’ false claims, contradictory coronavirus test results have popped up all over the place in various fields not named sports.

Back in March, Josh Kovensky a Washington ER doctor was admitted one Friday morning to EvergreenHealth hospital after he was “given a [coronavirus] test on Tuesday that came back negative, and was sent home.”

It turns out, three days after testing negative while showing coronavirus symptoms, the doctor had tested positive and subsequently was admitted.

There are more stories just like the one above. In her article entitled When Testing Positive For The Coronavirus Doesn’t Mean You’re Contagious; Martha Bebinger recalled the curious coronavirus case of a labour and delivery nurse named Amanda Joyce. After testing positive for the virus in late March, Joyce felt a lot better by April and was ready to return to work.

Besinger wrote “To return to work…Joyce would need two negative diagnostic tests, a day apart. So Joyce got tested, at least a dozen times, but every time she’d get a negative, the next test would come back positive.”

Does that sound like the tests are 90% accurate?

“I was still getting those positive tests.” Joyce said. “No one could tell what it actually meant.” Exactly. All we’re meant to do is accept the unproven, science fiction mumbo jumbo the “experts” peddle out as science fact.

Microsoft News, two months ago carried a story about Shaun Smith; a man who tested both positive and negative for the coronavirus within hours.

Recalled Smith: “I was positive at 8 o’clock in the morning and negative at 12:30 in the afternoon, It freaked me out when that happened, I went into overdrive,”.

Just how many of these tests would contradict each other hours apart if they were mostly conducted hours apart? That’s the question. We don’t know. We don’t know anything about the coronavirus. We don’t even know if it even exists. All we know is what the “experts” tell us. For having faith in God and His Catholic Church; a catholic is persecuted by the same world that blindly accepts the word of materialist priests.


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