Was Stephen Jackson Universally Condemned For Supporting DeSean Jackson Or For Something Else?


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Stephen Jackson in his minute long post defending DeSean Jackson’s own post was wrong about several things. Everything DeSean Jackson cited in his post, was not the truth. So-called black people are not “the true Jews”. And Hitler never said that. The book that attributes the quote to him was written by a so-called “white Jew”. Why a “black” man is willing to believe something written by a “white Jew” without further verification is beyond me. But what wouldn’t shock me is if the entire narrative about “blacks” being Jews was written and composed by “white Jews”. (See Black Panther).

Stephen Jackson is being roundly excoriated for criticising Jews as he was praised for criticising “whites”.

What Stephen Jackson was, unlike the cowards in the media all attacking and ostracising him now, after making him out to be something he was not during the George Floyd saga, was consistent. When the whole George Floyd thing went down, Jackson’s position was the same as it was in his DeSean Jackson defense. In excoriating both Jacksons, the liberal media has bared its Jewish backed fangs at the idiot “blacks” who thought they for once were being valued by the mainstream.

To quote Jackson’s taboo statement fully: “I just read a statement that the Philadelphia Eagles posted regarding DeSean Jackson’s comments. He was trying to educate people, educate himself, and he’s speaking the truth. Right? He’s speaking the truth. He don’t hate nobody but he’s speaking the truth of what he knows and trying to educate others. But y’all don’t want him to educate ourselves.”

Well yes, DeSean is clearly trying to open his eyes to the truth, even though he’s ended up wrong about many things. So Stephen was right, here. Stephen was also right when he said: “Y’all don’t want us to educate ourselves.”

Stephen Jackson added: “If it’s talking about the black race, y’all don’t know nothing about it. If they’re killing us — police killing us — and treating us like shit, racism at an all-time high, but none of y’all NFL owners spoke up on that. None of you teams spoke up on that. But the same team had a receiver say the word nigger publicly, and they gave him an extension. I play for the Big 3. We have a Jewish owner. He understands where we stand and some of the things we say, but it’s not directed to him. It’s the way we’ve been treated. Philadelphia, y’all need to repost this.”

Jackson’s problem here is his expectation that the “Jews” whom DeSean and by association he, has criticised, would abandon their racial loyalty to each other, to remain consistent in their support for the “black” woke cause. His mistake and main error here, is trusting the information put out by the ones he’s excoriating.

Saying that what he’s saying isn’t aimed at his Big 3 team’s Jewish owner is pointless and inaccurate. And Jackson is missing the larger point that something like Big 3, fronted by Ice Cube, is actually owned by Jews. He should have pointed out how that proves DeSean’s point about the Jews, but he doesn’t.

He’s wrong to state that “racism” is at an all time high, and it shows that he’s fully bought into the false narrative that somehow President Trump is the root cause and spark for all of these tensions. There’s no way to measure the level of racism for one.

Also, it has been ignorance, as exhibited by the Jacksons, both Stephen and DeSean, by so-called whites, and by people of all races, that’s been at the heart of racial tensions in America and everywhere.

The false, and dialectic desire for all races to love each other equally and treat one another equally, when race at its core is rooted in family, is what’s fanning the flames of racial violence. Would anyone in their right minds love someone else’s child equally or more than their own? Why then are we asking for the impossible? For a racial Utopia of sorts. An unattainable aim, that when not attained, the blame is placed squarely at the feet of the perpetual bogey “white” man.

But again, though Jackson is mostly wrong, he was at least consistent in his error. However the media, after not defending DeSean Jackson for his “black lives matter” themed Instagram post, has gone on to excoriate Stephen Jackson.

Michael Wilbon, Mr. Jerry Jones is a racist himself, thoroughly excoriated Stephen Jackson, for daring to criticise his Jewish masters. “He’s undermined his own previous good work with this garbage.” said Wilbon on his PTI show, which he cohosts with his good Jewish buddy Tony Kornheiser.

Skip Bayless tweeted this earlier: “Shannon and I are about to discuss how out of bounds our friend Stephen Jackson was yesterday.” Yes. It’ll be interesting to parse what Shannon Sharpe especially says; given just how “woke” he’s presented himself to be on television over the last few years.

But at least Bayless referred to Jackson as his friend in that tweet. Rachel Nichols, a Jew, left that part out in her Stephen Jackson disavowal tweet: “Stephen Jackson hasn’t worked for ESPN for a while now so it would be impossible for him to “lose his gig.” I was so proud of the way Stephen stood up for George Floyd. I was so disappointed to see his anti-Semitic comments. But he’s hardly the only one & I’m sad about all of it”

Yes. Proud of Stephen Jackson when he’s a puppet spewing the mainstream approved drivel. But the moment he spills one iota of truth about the Jews, he’s “Anti-Semitic” and “hasn’t worked for ESPN for a while”. The show he most frequented on ESPN was Nichols’ The Jump; a fact she left out in her tweet.

The mob was also out in full force, verbally lynching the uppity Jackson. Wrote one presumably Jewish twit: “Every Jew should let @Showtime know how they feel about not firing Stephen Jackson, whose defense of DeSean Jackson’s using a fake Hitler quote to demonize Jews was to say he was “speaking the truth” and then proceed to give the antisemitic conspiracy that Jews control the banks.”

Threatening someone’s livelihood for expressing their opinion about the Jews; while decrying “conspiracy theorists” for rightly stating the Jews run the banks, the money system, Hollywood and the media. How very Jewish.

This presumably “black” man was no different in his scathing assault on Jackson, than his Jewish brother. He tweeted: “After watching Stephen Jackson get interviewed by Don Lemon, I’m thinking he may be an even bigger idiot than DeSean Jackson. Neither of them is helping to create equality for Black people by propogating anti-semetic bullshit.”

So much for being “woke”. I suppose “massa” says ‘no’ to wokeness whenever it comes to criticising the “Jews”. Wokeness is only reserved for the “white man”.

Jackson of course, apologised for “offending” Jews in that aforementioned Don Lemon interview, proving he isn’t nearly as “woke” as he claims to be.

Back to the mob. What this Jew tweeted, perfectly encapsulates the dynamic between liberal Jews and “blacks”. “All the Jewish people I’m friends with have been protesting in support of Black Lives Matter. I didn’t want DeSean Jackson to post quotes he believe came from Hitler. Now Stephen Jackson attacks Jews for being offended, saying Rothschilds own all banks? Dangerous anti Semitism.”

Yes it’s anti-Semitic to state correctly, that Jews own all the major banks, the media, social media, Hollywood, the music industry and sports teams.

We’ll end with a blue check mark Twitter user, Daniel Popper, who thoroughly put “uppity blacks” in their place with this: “I am Jewish and damn proud of it. The frustrating part of DeSean Jackson and Stephen Jackson‘s comments is that my Judaism — and my understanding of my people’s history — has deeply informed my empathy for the black community. And I know that is the case for many American Jews.”

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