CNN Twists Coronavirus History To Levy Attack On Trump

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For several weeks, CNN, in its almost 24/7 coverage of American-wide riots and protests, sparked by the death of George Floyd, couldn’t care less about the impact of the coronavirus; which had for a time, been replaced in the news cycle by this riotous new toy.

But since the fall of CHAZ, the mainstream media has once again put on the mask of “concern” over the unprecedented impact the coronavirus is having, especially on the United States. They’ve gone back to focusing on counting numbers and have alleged that President Donald Trump does not care one wit about the impact of the coronavirus.

Leading the way in this renewed assault on the public’s commonsense, is of course CNN, the worldwide leader in fake news.

In a Trump hit piece masquerading as a column; which is entitled: Trump now in open dispute with health officials as virus rages, Kevin Liptak and Nick Valencia, who unashamedly put their names to it, argue that Trump is now in an open verbal war with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Yes, don’t let the misleading headline fool you; the only “health official” who’s in a public spat with Trump, that’s named in this several thousand word long column, is the “hallowed” Anthony Fauci.

From the opening sentence, this hit piece is filled with falsehoods. “Five months into a still-raging pandemic that has killed more than 130,000 Americans, the long-simmering tensions between President Donald Trump and the health experts who staff his government have escalated from private griping to shrugging disagreement to now open dispute.”

130,000 people killed by the coronavirus? What’s been claimed is that there have been 130,000 coronavirus related deaths. The language is deliberately ambiguous so no one can accuse the “health experts” of making up the numbers. Yet here is CNN making the false statement that 130,000 have been killed by the coronavirus.

The article goes on to quote Trump who said: “Dr. Fauci said don’t wear masks and now he says wear them,” he told Gray Television’s Greta Van Susteren. “And he said numerous things. Don’t close off China. Don’t ban China. I did it anyway. I didn’t listen to my experts and I banned China. We would have been in much worse shape. You wouldn’t believe the number of deaths more we would have had if we didn’t do the ban.”

Before going on to falsely assert that “Trump’s criticisms of Fauci don’t hold up entirely; the decision to advise against wearing masks was due largely to a nationwide shortage of them, and Fauci publicly backed the ban on travel from China when it was announced.”

What is true is that Fauci, like every medical “expert” in the world, was following the instruction of the W.H.O., as if it were Gospel. It is an undeniable fact, (unless you’re CNN) that the W.H.O., at first advised against the public wearing masks; and that they were to be reserved for the “experts” and front line workers. It then unexpectedly did an about-turn on that issue, mandating that all wear masks.

Fauci, never questioning his W.H.O. overlords, did and said exactly as he was told. This had nothing to do, as CNN asserts, with the shortage of masks; which was only an issue for the front line workers. No one was recommending them to the public at that time, who have since, mostly worn custom made masks, not the masks the “experts” have used. Trump was right. And CNN has blatantly made up a lie in order to attack him.

It is also undeniable that Trump never said Fauci didn’t publicly back his decision to ban China. He said Fauci had advised him not to. Undoubtedly, Fauci was following orders from the W.H.O.; which was at the time preaching that issuing bans on certain countries, on top of being “racist”, would also somehow contribute to the virus spreading in your country. They were vehemently against bans like the one Trump issued on China, even publicly criticising Trump for doing so. All before again doing an about-turn and mandating that countries issue even more stringent bans than the one issued initially issued by Trump.

Back to Fauci’s “public backing of Trump”, as CNN put it. It is obvious to anyone with Grade level reading comprehension, Trump’s implication in the cited interview; that Fauci had privately advised against banning China, and Trump went against that advise; a decision that has saved many.

Fauci publicly backing the move, has nothing to do with the private advise he gave. But this CNN article is riddled with this type of double speak and attempted play on words, to fool the reader. Fortunately, it was poorly done and can easily be countered.

Firing blanks with their “public dispute with Fauci” arguments, the authors of this largely erroneous CNN article, moved onto the reopening of schools issue. Again they call upon the words of medical experts to make their point.

“The real tragedy in all of this is the politicization of it,” one senior CDC official told CNN speaking about the roundtable on Tuesday.

“We really spent time putting together the science behind this and we believe it’s the right call. But now because the President has made it into a political issue, it likely won’t happen,” a second senior official added.

Note well that CNN, could not provide the names of any of these CDC officials who’ve accused Trump of politicizing the reopening of schools. Not once, as an allegedly serious news outlet, did CNN, question the premise of this claim by these unnamed CDC officials; nor did CNN provide any context or proof for this assertion apart from a few quotes from Trump disagreeing with the CDC guidelines for schools reopening.

One thing the pandemic has taught us, is that the “medical experts” are far from infallible in their opinions, scientific or otherwise. Just because the CDC issues guidelines, doesn’t mean the President can’t disagree.

And if the argument is that by merely speaking on the issue, he has politicised it, being the president, well that logic can be extended to any politician, left or right, who has either agreed or disagreed with the CDC guidelines. That doesn’t even include parents, teachers and other interested parties who have also had a say on those guidelines.

Again, CNN fails to do due diligence and spends no time focusing on the opinions of any of these groups regarding the proposed reopening of schools. Its sole focus is Trump; which is the main reason CNN continues to be the worldwide peddler of fake news.

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