Ryan Hartwig to Mark Dice: My Facebook Supervisor Told Me Fetuses Aren’t Human


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On Monday, political commentator and author, Mark Dice, hosted former Facebook content moderator Ryan Hartwig on his YouTube show; where the two discussed several of Facebook’s more nefarious censorship practices and many of the instances the company went against its own policies in order to favour liberals or a liberal agenda, over conservative ones.

Although the pair didn’t discuss how Facebook dealt with posts about abortion extensively, Hartwig did recall how a liberal meme about the controversial topic was dealt with in an extremely biased way by a supervisor.

Mark Dice asked Ryan Hartwig: “Now if you see something that you’re not sure about was there another higher up that you could defer to or were there certain cases which came along that was kind of your pay grade, or certain events that were happening where you’d have to defer to a higher up?”

“Yes we had a support team that would go around, kind of like supervisors who would help us if we had a question on something.” Hartwig began.

“So I remember one time I saw a meme that was saying: ‘Hey use this coat hanger to spook your unborn child’ and I asked my supervisor: ‘Hey how should I react to this? Are fetuses…Isn’t that advocating for violence? And she said ‘No per the policy fetuses are not considered human so just ignore that.”

It’s been clear for some time that Silicon Valley and their social media sites like Facebook and Twitter; lean heavily towards liberal values and tolerate things from the left that they tirelessly persecute on the right. Whenever a video or image of an aborted fetus is posted by conservatives in order to dissuade would-be abortionists from engaging in the gruesome murder of their unborn infants; social media sites like Facebook don’t hesitate to take it down or censor it.

But as Hartwig’s recalled conversation with his former supervisor reminded us, such censorship is not imposed when liberal maniacs advocate for violence against fetuses.

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