“Black” Twitter Left & Right Pan NFL Plan To Play Black National Anthem


Not many issues unite people of different ideological bents, but the NFL’s decision to play the so-called black national anthem before Week 1 games this coming season, seems to have done just that.

As reported by TMZ, “The NFL is planning to make a huge statement when the season kicks off … with the league reportedly deciding to play the Black National Anthem before every Week 1 game. “Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing” — which is often referred to as the Black National Anthem — will be played before the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ prior to every game in the first week of the season,”

“It was originally written as a poem by African-American civil rights leader James Weldon Johnson in 1899” The TMZ report adds, “and later set to music by his brother John Rosamond Johnson. It was first performed in public as part of a celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday on February 12, 1900, according to the NAACP.”

How ironic does that last sentence read today? As we know, statues of Abraham Lincoln are being torn down by protesters on account of him being a slaveowner; despite his major role in freeing slaves in the United States. Additionally, “blacks” have also suffered at the hands of those tearing down statues of “white men”. Product labels featuring “blacks” have been removed, (white-washed if you will), while the first “black” Oscar winner in history, Hattie McDaniel, has had her movie, Gone With The Wind, removed from the HBO Max streaming service.

If those protestors were to remain consistent, they would be calling for the cancellation of the so-called black national anthem as well, given it was “first performed in public as part of a celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday on February 12, 1900.”

But apart from being yet another example of mad pandering by “white”, in this case mostly Jewish owners, to “black” Americans; this latest announcement is not really controversial, in that it hasn’t seemed to divide opinion. Everybody hates it.

Unsurprisingly, “black” conservatives are offended by the notion. One of them tweeted this: “Black National Anthem” is offensive to me as [a] black person. It assumes b/c i am black the national anthem doesn’t apply to me. America has only ONE national Anthem that represents ALL Americans of every race, color and creed. The left wants division and balkanization for POWER”

But many liberal “blacks” panned the move as well. This response was most prominent: “Stop the police from killing us: We changed the Aunt Jemima logo. Stop the police from killing us. Realtors stop using the term master bedroom. Stop the police from killing us. We’ll sing the Black National Anthem. We’re getting things we didn’t ask for.”

While this other “black” liberal tweeted: “The NFL will play the Black National Anthem before games the first week of the season. Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick is still out of the league. The police kill three people every day. And the prison system is modern slavery.”

Although liberal “blacks” as all liberals, are short on facts, and high on emotions; the major takeaway here is that it seems “blacks” whether on the left or right, are wising up to the pandering of Democrats and liberal/leftist institutions that care not a lick about them; that these mostly liberal “whites”, are merely interested in finding more ways of lining their own pockets.


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