CHAZ/CHOP Has Fallen: Mayor Jenny Durkan Has Police Move In To End Zone Where Several “Blacks” Have Been Fatally Shot


If the American government and legal system can be accused of being racist over how it systemically conducts police relations with racial minorities, particularly with so-called blacks; it’s that they took weeks to do what they should have done: take apart a CHAZ/CHOP zone that was always going to cost the lives of even more “black” people.


Yes, CHAZ/CHOP was set up under the pretext of protesting police brutality against ‘blacks’; but it ended up being more detrimental to “blacks’ than even actually racist police could ever hope to be. Just as with the Communist economic system, which created more poverty than the capitalism it seeks to overthrow, CHAZ destroyed the very “black” lives it declares matters.

As Jennifer Taer of reports: “Seattle Police are reclaiming their east precinct after nearly a month of an anarchist takeover of the City’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The force began moving into the area Wednesday during the early morning hours, making 10 arrests, according to reports.”

Taer added that since CHAZ’ founding “the area has been the scene of four shootings that resulted in two fatalities and has reportedly seen multiple incidents of sexual assault, violence, and robberies.”

This “police-free autonomous zone” was the BLM and Antifa dream scenario, which has been an undoubted nightmare for everyone else.

Seattle’s now infamous Mayor Jenny Durkan reportedly made the call to end the deadly fiasco. As Taer reports, Durkan who, “once hailed the [CHAZ] area as the “summer of love” ordered that the “unlawful assembly” be dismantled and instructed law enforcement to take immediate action Wednesday.”

Quite ironic, considering that only last week, Durkan was signaling her empathetic virtues to the whole world, by vowing “she would first work with community organizers [CHAZ rioters, rapists, and murderers]; to convince protesters to disband before using police intervention.”

This was before the CHAZ “organizers” no-showed a planned meeting with Durkan. Afterwards, they put out their own statement of disbanding, endorsed Joe Biden, and Durkan; before the whole thing became even more tragic. You see, CHAZ did not disband as they said they would, and that very weekend two teenagers were shot, one fatally, while the other is in critical condition at hospital. They were of course, so-called black.

It was this tragedy, not Durkan’s incompetence, which inspired the ironically police-led end to this nightmare. Good riddance and hopefully every single one of the perpetrators is caught, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Starting of course, with Mayor Jenny Durkan.


Dean Nestor

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