Woke ESPN Ratings Tank as Clay Travis Continues to Grow


Recently, we wrote that Clay Travis was the last sane voice left in sports media, particularly since Jason Whitlock’s departure from FS1. And the controversial sports radio host has seen his sanity rewarded by a viewer base clearly craving for something different from the typical sports media personality; usually found on ESPN.

As a result, Travis’ Outkick The Show, has grown exponentially over the last three months, despite the fact that there’ve hardly been any sports since the lockdown began. However, ESPN which has for a long time decided to cast its lot in with the Woke Crowd, has seen its ratings tank.

Travis gleefully pointed this out on Thursday. “ESPN over the last two weeks, their audience has completely collapsed, the likes of which we’ve never seen in the history of ESPN; and that is because they have embraced Woke Centre.”

“This is a stat that’s gonna blow your mind.” Travis told his audience. “Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC out rated every studio programming show on ESPN on Wednesday.”

Travis then stated that “the numbers that were put up by the shows are lower than has ever existed in the history of network. Now, people could say ‘well sports are not going on’. But nobody else is collapsing like this. Skip Bayless has been doing the same show for ten years now. And Undisputed on FS1 was closer to First Take on ESPN than ever before.”

It’s not that other networks are collapsing, like ESPN is,” observed Travis. “And I think it’s because they’ve gone full on Kaitlynn Jenner, man/woman of the year, ESPY of the year, whatever you wanna call it. They have gone full on into Woke Centre and as a result their programming audience is collapsing. It’s a story as old as time. I tell you what happens. The charge of the Woke Brigade. ESPN follows them right off the cliff and their viewership collapses in the process.”

But ESPN likely won’t get it. This decline has been happening for years because they openly talk politics on their shows; particularly Max Kellerman, which has ostracised a huge chunk of their audience. Still, they persist in the ‘wokeness’.


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