“Blacks” Have Paid The Heaviest Price of the ‘BLM Effect’


Ted Cruz stated it best recently; that the black lives matter slogan that’s dominated the public conversation ever since George Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer, should apply to all black lives, and not just those that are tragically used as political fodder. In other words, why haven’t members of the so-called Black Lives Matter movement, organised protests over the death of David Dorn for instance? Or over the endless looting of “black” owned stores at the hands of rioters? (rioters presumably of all shapes, sizes and colours)

The truth is, the BLM Effect, though aimed at “whites”, particularly “white” conservatives, has done the most harm to “blacks”. More “blacks” have been maimed, harmed, economically ruined, killed, than “whites” as a direct result of these BLM-led riots.

Take Gone with the Wind, for instance. As The Independent reports, the movie has been “removed from the HBO Max streaming service amid concerns over its racist depiction of black characters.”

“The 1939 epic, long considered a classic,” continues the report, “was taken down in the wake of global anti-racism protests following the death of George Floyd while being arrested by Minneapolis police.”

But while this move was done ostensibly to hurt “whites” who allegedly depicted “blacks” in a “racist” way in the film, it is ironically, a “black” who is most harmed by it. To quote once more from The Independent; “Hattie McDaniel became the first Black person to win an Oscar for her supporting role in the film, for her role as “Mammy”, the house servant.”

McDaniel’s legacy, will no doubt take a hit; a direct result of the fine work being done by BLM and its supporters.

Meanwhile, down in Atlanta Georgia, two “black” police officers have been arrested, ostensibly for doing their job. As Yahoo News tells it: “Two more Atlanta police officers accused of excessive force against two college students during protests in the city late last month have been fired, a police spokesman said Wednesday.”

“Sgt. Lonnie Hood and Officer Armon Jones were fired Wednesday, Atlanta police spokesman Sgt. John Chafee said in an email, bringing the total number of police officers fired so far to four.” according to the Yahoo report.

As you well may have noticed, the usually race-baiting Yahoo News, apparently forgot to directly mention the race of the two officers fired. You see, both Hood and Jones, are “black”; as you can see pictured above. A detail I’m sure would have been included, if they belonged to “the other race”.

Thankfully, Yahoo did carry the pictures of the two officers; otherwise their race would still be a mystery.

Just another example of “blacks” suffering as a direct result of this BLM revolution.


Dean Nestor

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