Ted Cruz, republican senator for Texas, was very critical of his fellow politicians in a rousing anti-riots speech he gave earlier. After stating that what happened to George Floyd was wrong and that justice should be done, and after stating his support for peaceful protests, he lambasted rioters as criminals, and criticised those who, solely from political convenience, continue to turn a blind eye to chaos.

“There’s been too much violence across the country.” stated Ted Cruz, his face melancholy. “And sadly too many politicians who are complicit in the violence. Who’ve made the political judgement to turn a blind eye: to rioters, to thugs, to murderers; to those terrorising communities.”

“The riots must stop!” demanded Cruz, a stern look replacing what was before melancholy. Tapping his podium at each pronounced word. “The violence must stop!”

This he said before he reminded the American public and his political colleagues that “the first responsibility of government, is to keep people safe. And right now in too many of our cities, government is failing in that task.”

He went on to remember some of the lives lost during the riots, none of whom were guilty of the blood of George Floyd. “A beloved, retired police captain, David Dorn was shot and killed by looters in a pawn shop that same night.” Cruz recalled. “Mr. Dorn joined the St. Louis police force in 1969. He was a dedicated law enforcement officer for nearly forty years. His wife and the St. Louis community are grieving his loss.”

“We should be horrified at what happened to George Floyd.” Cruz stated. “But we should also be horrified at what happened to David Dorn. And those with political agendas seeking demagoguery and tearing this country apart, somehow David Dorn; another black man, a different black man, who doesn’t fit the political story they’re trying to tell; disappears from their narrative.”

Some of the politicians who have been complicit in the violence, apart from the obvious Democrats, have been Cruz’ fellow republicans, who in their silence, have allowed serious talk of defunding the police to take place, without much of a rebuttal.


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