Clay Travis: The Sole Sane Sports Voice Left in America


In the wilderness that is the rabid sports media; a sports media that has once again decided it’s okay to alienate over half of its base by picking not only the left wing position over the race riots, sparked by the police killing of George Floyd, but picking the radical left wing position; Clay Travis has been the lone voice of sanity. Especially now that Jason Whitlock is gone from FS1.

Some sports personalities, though expressing discomfort with the riots; (which, by the way have led to more deaths than the lone death that was used to justify them); and surely inspired to do so out of a cowardly fear of being called racists; have meekly given way to the extreme view point, expressed by their colleagues; that somehow, the history of oppression of “blacks” at the hands of “whites”, justifies the destruction of property, and yes, even the murder of individuals; (most of whom have been “black”) which occur as a result of these riots.

When Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, stood up for the American anthem and flag, stating in an interview that he would not kneel, he was universally denigrated by the sports media; who accused him of being unempathetic and insensitive to the “black” man’s plight. They even went as far as to appeal to Drew Brees to put himself in black people’s shoes. (That’s after of course, they laid into him for his anthem position, and told him he can never understand what it’s like to be “black” in America, because he is “white”. Just one example of how confused the sports media has been as a whole, when it comes to this issue.

Clay Travis of course, was the exception. “The crazy scale on 2020 is off the charts.” he said to open his Out Kick the Coverage show on Fox Sports radio, last week. “We’re barely into June and the NFL player who has done more for his city and state [than anyone else], is now a pariah, because he said that personally, he stands for the National Anthem, with his hand across his heart, to honour his grandfathers who fought Nazis, in World War II. And that is considered to be controversial.”

Clay Travis then added this: “I just wanna talk about where we are for a minute. The player in the NFL, who just donated 5 million dollars, to help people in poverty in his city and his state; who won the first ever Super Bowl for the freaking New Orleans Saints; who made the decision to fight to help keep the Saints in New Orleans, so that they wouldn’t go to San Antonio, when many people wanted to move them in the wake of Hurricane Katrina; a guy who has done nothing but good for decades in the NFL, is under siege for saying he wants to put his hand on his heart during the National Anthem and think about what his grandfathers did when they fought Nazis.”

Crazy, is what Clay Travis didn’t say, but didn’t have to. It’s obvious. None of the people, including Brees’ teammates and including former athletes, now sports pundits, have done even a fraction for “black” lives, than what Brees has done. Yet he was vilified for his stance on the anthem.

“This is where we are in American sports today. People have lost their ever loving minds.” Clay Travis stated.

“There is almost no one in all of sports media, who has even been willing to say, I think this Drew Brees Guy is a pretty good dude. And I think he has the right to decide what he would like to do during the National Anthem based on his own life experience.”

No one except Clay Travis of course.

“Drew Brees did nothing wrong,” Travis added, “yet he apologised for how what he said made people feel. Since when are you responsible for what your opinion, –which is probably shared by the majority of Americans– makes another grown man feel?”

Exactly. And Clay Travis, by voicing the opinion of the “silent majority” has clearly grown a niche that he alone is willing to explore. That’s probably why in the midst of the near universal falling ratings of sports shows across the board during the coronavirus pandemic; Out Kick The Coverage, is actually growing.


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