Left Wing Mob Wants To Cancel Wendy’s After Trump Donation


Mere days after after one of its restaurants was set ablaze in Minneapolis by so-called George Floyd “protestors”; Wendy’s is currently undergoing attacks of a different sort. Two weeks ago, Business Insider reported that Since 2018, the Muy Cos. CEO [James Bodenstedt], has donated more than $440,000 to the president’s reelection campaign. His most recent donation was on March 12, when Bodenstedt donated $200,000 to the Trump Victory PAC.”


Earlier today, a Business Insider article conceded that “Wendy’s is facing backlash online after Business Insider reported that a franchisee on Trump’s restaurant recovery roundtable donated more than $400,000 to reelect the president.” 

Since many on Twitter don’t read and think Bodenstedt is CEO of Wendy’s, not Muy Cos., which apparently they know nothing about; #WendysIsOverParty is now trending.

One Twitter twit tweeted: “Sooooo what kind of snarky tweet do you have for your guy donating all that money to this wannabe dictator? You know what cancel culture is? #WendysIsOverParty”

Wait Trump’s a dictator? How original.

Back to the Twitter mob. Another labeled Trump a racist in this tweet: “When you’re eating a Baconator and you just found out Wendy’s supports trump racist ass and donated money #WendysIsOverParty.” Accompanied of course, by a dumb meme.

One blockhead who was a little less stupid than the rest tweeted: “I’m glad people are calling out all the companies that have donated to trumps campaign. I hope we all listen and stop supporting them until they make a change adding on to the #WendysIsOverParty”

Except no one’s calling out all the companies. They’ve conflated Wendy’s with its CEO, because they don’t read.

One liberal so-called white did a Biden, and called out so-called blacks for not towing the line; and in the “Afro American” lingo no less. “y’all say #WendysIsOverParty bc the CEO donated to trump but chick fil a is your life even though the religious overtones are LITERALLY part of their working hours? i know it’s hard to support everyone but cmon guys”

Hear that black liberals? Massa wants y’all to jump on the LGBT train too.

It wasn’t all bad though. One apparently sane blue check marker, tweeted this: “Apparently #WendysIsOverParty is trending because lefties found out the CEO donated to Trump. Guess what guys? At least half the country likes Trump, and probably way more than that now…given the petty, greedy, destructive year the Democrats just handed us.”

The left still doesn’t get that Trump is extremely popular, nor why he is so popular. Perhaps November will serve as yet another not so subtle reminder as did 2016.

I’ll end by citing yet another sane Twitter user: “Everyone trying to cancel out Wendy’s because they see a headline but don’t bother to read the article. A CEO of a company that owns different franchises donated to Trump, it wasn’t the CEO of Wendy’s.”

Of course, if they bothered reading, they may just end up being Trump supporters. And that’s not going to happen any time soon.


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