Surprise, Surprise! Joe Biden Has Risen Out of the Ashes of the Floyd George Riots


It is extremely tragic, that Floyd George, who died helpless beneath the knee of police officer Derek Chauvin, will probably be most remembered for indirectly inspiring the now deadly riots that have occurred in his name.

Floyd George

Since then, it’s been about the riots, which have buried the previous hot topic in the news: Joe Biden’s “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black” barked order; to Charlamagne the false God and by extension, anyone who is deemed black.

Liberals were scrambling to defend Biden’s words. They were on the back foot. And by all indications, there was momentum in Trump’s favour with regard to the “black” vote. Not that he would win it outright, but that he would make significant gains in a demographic that was to that point; (up until the riots that is); wondering if their votes should automatically go to the Democrat nominee, as has been the case for decades.

In just two weeks, Biden’s comments have been near forgotten.

A new ABC poll shows him suddenly quintupling his narrow March lead over Trump. As Daily Caller reports: “53% of registered voters who responded to the poll selected Biden as their choice for president, compared to 43% for Trump. The 10-point separation marks Biden’s largest lead since October 2019, as Trump had brought the gap to just two points in late March.”

Although the Daily Caller points out that “The president’s boost and subsequent slump was likely attributed to public perception of his administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic”; it is also true that Trump has lost a lot of the momentum Biden’s gaffe provided, since the riots commenced.

Biden’s Forgotten CNN Interview In The Midst of the Floyd George Riots

More to the point: Last Friday, Joe Biden was interviewed by Don Lemon on CNN. Lemon asked the former VP: “In light of these horrible events, [the riots], it’s important for black voters to know: Which leader are you going to be?”

To which Biden responded: “The leader I’ve always been. I apologized immediately for responding to Charlamagne, who was baiting me, and if you looked at that film you see I was smiling at him. And I was referring to him, I wasn’t referring to all African-Americans. But I should have never said it. I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, taken the African-American community for granted. I’ve been their ally and they’ve been mine, and I’ve worked hard to earn every single vote I’ve ever gotten. That’s what I’m trying to do, that’s what I’m going to continue to do. No one should be taken for granted based on their race, religion and their background, at all.”

So Biden admitted on live cable to being “baited” by Charlamagne. And that’s why he responded the way he did. Yet that absurd (and honest) Biden answer, has gotten almost zero public scrutiny, because everyone’s eyes are (rightly), focused on the deadly riots; organised for the most part, by Left Wing organisations and backers behind the scenes.

So it’s job done Liberals. Your plan worked. Nobody is talking about racist Biden anymore.


Dean Nestor

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