Liberals Cry Nazi Over Trump Bible Pose, Even Though the Hitler Photo Is Fake


“A dog whistle to white nationalists and Nazis.”, tweeted “celebrity”, Debra Messing of Trump’s Bible pose, who for no apparent reason, was keen on Tuesday, to show the world, she knows next to nothing. Her tweet was accompanied by a side-by-side photo comparing President Donald Trump holding a bible, to Adolf Hitler doing the same. The Hitler side of the photo was of course photoshopped, which apparently was unbeknownst to Messing. Not that facts matter to the left. They don’t.

the Hitler
The photo of Adolf Hitler [left] is fake, but the left, led by Debra Messing, figured Trump’s Bible pose was a dog whistle to all those “deplorables”.

The caption on the fake photo is in bold white: “This is not an accident” it reads; a clear indication of Messing’s intention with this misleading photo. And the fact she was so quick to tweet it, before verifying, is really what’s not accidental. And it’s typical of the Left.

They really do snatch at any straw, in a futile attempt to make Trump look bad. The fake news media has fallen into this trap on a number of occasions. And the extremely political celebrity cult, has followed suit. It would be sad, if it weren’t so funny.

But even beyond the veracity of the photo, the actual dog whistle to the mob on the left is clear. Anyone who holds a Bible is evil and is a dictator. All of Trump’s policies, which have hitherto led to record unemployment rates for minorities, don’t matter. He is orange. He is bad. And therefore he is racist and bad for everyone. Again, the facts don’t matter.


Dean Nestor

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