Infowars Denies Ludicrous Accusation It Set Homeless Veteran’s Mattress Ablaze


Paul Joseph Watson, the Infowars website editor-at-large, has denied claims that Infowars crew members were responsible for setting fire to the mattress of a homeless veteran, in order to pin it on “peaceful protesters”.

“Following an incident in Austin where a homeless veteran’s mattress was set on fire by Antifa rioters,” Watson tweeted, Monday; “leftists falsely claimed an Infowars film crew filming the scene were responsible for the attack.”

On his website Summit News, Watson writes that the Infowars film crew was filming what was happening before the veteran asked their cameraman rhetorically: “I live here, what the f*** are you doing?”

But Watson asserts that that wasn’t an accusation. But the cameraman was asked this question, because he was one of the few who hadn’t fled the scene.

“Contract cameraman Zach said he was filming the incident from around 30 yards away when he saw Antifa members dragging and stacking piles of stuff to set fire to.” wrote Watson. “The homeless man ran up to his camera because he was one of few people not to immediately flee the scene. Zach didn’t feel the need to flee because he was merely filming the incident and not responsible for the attack.”

Watson continued: “Zach and his colleague Savannah Hernandez said the incident occurred after they had witnessed Antifa extremists trying to drag people out of their cars and beat them on I-35.”

“The source of the false claim” writes Watson, “came from a Twitter user called Eldon Katz, who describes himself as an “anti-fascist,” “anti-capitalist.”

Katz tweeted the following: “An InfoWars crew here in Austin set fire to a homeless man’s belongings and shared their despicable act through various social media accounts in an effort to demonize protestors, who I know for a fact would never do this,”

Katz claims “protestors” would “never do this”, even though “protestors” and rioters have done worse so far.

Blaming Infowars for something they started, is just the latest manifestation of the left’s desperate need to shift the blame for what they’ve done this past week and continue to do.


Dean Nestor

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