While The Coronavirus Destroys The World, The Super Rich Buy New Luxury Bunkers to Escape It All


“Multi-millionaires and billionaires are going underground as the deadly outbreak spreads panic around the world.” reads an article in The Sun. A headline more shocking to the ordinary man’s sensibilities, than it is surprising. After all, we’ve seen such headlines before. For the mega rich–who love preaching to the rest of us about our carbon footprint– it is, when in doubt, pack up and fly to New Zealand.


Just last month for example, the metro reported on super-rich Americans having “packed their bags and fled to New Zealand to wait out the coronavirus pandemic in luxury underground bunkers.”

And this story is no different.

According to an article in the Sun which was also carried on Fox News: “Many are not hiding away from the killer virus, they are running scared about what may happen in the wake of the pandemic.” The article goes on to quote Gary Lynch of the Rising S Company; “which manufactures luxury bunkers.” He says that “People are buying not specifically for the coronavirus; people are buying the shelters for what the coronavirus can bring. The United States is very vulnerable economically; and if there were a collapse we would see civil and social unrest.”

“What you are going to have is people going door-to-door” Lynch assumes of the common folk; “trying to do harm, trying to steal, trying to take food and trying to take possessions. So what my clients want to do is go hide underground; then they don’t have to worry about what is going on outside as they are safe and secure inside their shelter.”

Just What Do These Rich Bunkers Look like?



The Sun report continues describing many of the bunkers as being built from protective steel; and having bullet-resistant doors. “They are fitted with state-of-the-art air filters which can even remove nuclear dust in the wake of a missile attack.” the report adds.

“They have huge food storage rooms which can hold up to six months supplies of tinned and freeze-dried goods. Many have huge underground greenhouse gardens so the occupants can grow their own food when their supplies run dry. Mr Lynch revealed some of his clients even have shooting ranges fitted.”

The report adds that the largest bunker the Rising S Company has built; measured 13,000 square feet “for a mystery client.”

Oh to have the luxury of talking down to the middle and working classes about saving the earth from “climate change”; from the safety net of a million dollar bunker no less; while the rest of us scratch and claw, fighting for our lives and livelihood against a “mystery virus”; with seemingly no cure in sight.


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