Wall Street Journal Has Called Out Adam Schiff. What Will Other Mainstream News Outlets Do?


The conclusion of the Wall Street Journal editorial board’s piece, slamming Adam Schiff for his lies about the Russian collusion delusion, should clue the fair-minded into the fact that that media outlet can hardly be described as pro Trump, or conservative in any way. “President Trump often spreads falsehoods and invents facts,” states the WSJ Editorial board; “but at least he’s paid a price for it in media criticism and public mistrust. An industry of media fact checkers is dedicated to parsing his every word.”

Adam Schiff
Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff should never be trusted by the public again.

“As for Mr. Schiff”, the piece adds; “no one should ever believe another word he says.”

“Schiff spread falsehoods shamelessly about Russia and Donald Trump for three years, even as his own committee gathered contrary evidence,” the board wrote. All of which is true.

Will Other mainstream news outlets call out Adam Schiff for lying?

What the Wall Street Journal Editorial board has done with this piece, is separate itself from its own politics, look at the facts, and come up with the one conclusion any honest person would come up with. And that puts the onus somewhat on news outlets that are similar to the Wall Street Journal, to do the same. That is, to separate themselves from their politics and look at the facts.

But so far, CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times have not addressed the Schiff elephant in the room. They’ve for the most part ignored it. CNN for example has had extensive coverage of the Russia investigation, ever since transcripts came out proving Schiff lied, mostly on CNN, about what witnesses had been testifying.

Just to recap; none of the witnesses testified under oath that there was any evidence proving Trump campaign collusion with Russia. Yet Schiff appeared on CNN on an almost nightly basis to say that they did. But has CNN called out Adam Schiff for lying on their airwaves? Of course not. CNN has chosen to focus on the inconsistencies of Trump staffers, rather than on Schiff’s outright lies.

WaPo and NYT have not been any better. Hardly an article can be found on Schiif, and absolutely nothing on his lies about the Russia hoax.

None of this of course is surprising and is the modus operandi of the fake news media. But perhaps the example set by the WSJ may shame those other outlets into calling Adam Schiff out for his lies. I’d hold my breath until they did, but I value my life way too much to do that.



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