Has The Face Mask Requirement Contributed to Crime? Robberies Up 50% in Santa Ana


“Santa Ana police confirmed Thursday that robberies in the city have increased by 50% since the lockdown.” a report by CBS news confirms. Corporal Anthony Bertagna described this as the norm. “So we’re seeing more and more, suspects wearing the face mask and using that to their benefit.”

face mask
The Facemask requirement has seen an increase in robberies.

Interestingly enough, according to that CBS report; “Police said they were not exactly sure why there has been such an increase in robberies, but said it could be related to the number of inmates released from area jails due to the pandemic.”

The release of inmates is yet another coronavirus safety measure ordered by authorities countrywide. While some of the measures have been good at keeping people safe; it’s also safe to say that releasing inmates into the general populace; is generally speaking a bad idea. And it’s clear the authorities haven’t stopped to think of the consequences.

Face Mask Robbery

Elias Khawan, owner of a gas station that was robbed by masked individuals in Santa Ana, described what an increase of masked individuals out and about; that “new normal”; means for him and his staff. “We’re sitting here not knowing who’s going to walk through that door.” he said. “It’s horrible. I mean, I know we have to take certain measures because of what’s happening with COVID-19, but it’s the perfect script or manual for a robber — the mask, the sunshade and a hoodie. You don’t know who’s coming, who’s walking in.”

The CBS news article reports that “Khawan and his staff feel so unsafe that he has cut his hours from being open all night to closing at 10 p.m., a 25% hit to his bottom line. He has also added signs at his store prohibiting hoodies, backpacks and handbags.”

The report also recalls that “In an April robbery, a thief hid his face with a bandana at a doughnut shop on Bristol. The cashier was caught off guard when the thief pulled out a gun and placed it on the counter. The thief then emptied both registers before getting away.”


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