Even Some Liberals Are Starting To Realise The Inevitability Of A Trump 2nd Term


When it comes to Donald Trump, National Polls, or polls of any other kind, are as reliable as the promises of a career politician. A survey from the Princeton Election Consortium found that Hillary Clinton had a 99% chance of winning the 2016 election. If that survey’s 1% chance of a Trump victory had not come to pass, it would be Clinton as President today; and in charge of the American response to the coronavirus. As it stands, it is Trump staring down the media barrel everyday, rightly calling them fake news and defying; even by his very ‘New York’ manner of speaking; what the media deems “presidential”.

As much as liberals hate Donald Trump, some are coming to the realisation that his reelection in November is more likely than not.

Of course, the media mob has not even attempted to hide its wish; that the economic damage dolled out to the U.S. by the coronavirus, costs Donald Trump a second term. But Eric Levitz of New York Magazine, is now staring down the barrel of the cold, hard reality; that in all likelihood, Donald Trump will win in November, virus or no.

“Five months ago, America’s unemployment rate was at a half-century low, wages were rising, consumer confidence was high — and Donald Trump’s approval stood at about 43 percent.” wrote Levitz. “Since then, more than 30 million Americans have lost their jobs, the U.S. economy has descended into its worst crisis since the Great Depression, a (still-uncontained) pandemic has killed 80,000 Americans…and his approval rating now stands at about 44 percent.

This tiny percentage increase in approval rating was almost inexplicable to Levitz; until he took a look at the numbers. “For weeks, my working assumption has been that COVID-19 would enfeeble the Trump campaign eventually” admitted the lefty liberal Levitz; an assumption which comes across more like a hope.

“Throughout Trump’s presidency,” Levitz continues; “voters have evinced higher approval for his economic management than his overall job performance. And in 2016, Trump’s personal unpopularity caused him to perform worse than a generic Republican would have been expected to, given the “fundamentals.”

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“So there’s long been reason to think” argues Levitz “that a (relatively) strong economy was keeping Trump’s poll numbers afloat: If a pathological narcissist with no message discipline was running a tad behind Joe Biden when unemployment was historically low,” speculates Levitz, “surely he would fall out of contention once America entered a pandemic-induced depression.”

Note how Levitz just glibly mentions the fact that a Trump economy is responsible for historically low unemployment, especially among certain minorities. He seemed more concerned with what ad hominem he’d next levy at Trump.

As for Levitz’ (hopeful) assumption, that a “pandemic-induced depression” would see a drastic fall in Trump’s poll numbers; an assertion which he says “still sounds right to me”; well, “We’re more than one month into America’s worst economic crisis in 80 years” writes Levitz, yet “Trump’s approval rating is still considerably higher than it has been for most of his presidency.”

“Meanwhile, in some surveys,” he adds, “voters still give Trump’s handling of the coronavirus higher marks than his overall job performance. And a Reuters/Ipsos poll released last week found Trump in a statistical tie with Biden on the question of which candidate would be better at leading America’s coronavirus response; while voters deemed the president “better suited to create jobs” by a margin of 45 to 32 percent.”

Levitz seems genuinely shocked that the average American doesn’t share his inexplicably pessimistic view of Trump’s presidency.


Additionally, those numbers he cites are a damning statement to the left; despite the fact, as Levitz says, that “Biden’s lead in national polls remains formidable.” As we mentioned before, Clinton’s lead was also formidable. Yet she was soundly beaten. Those polls are skewered in favour of the Democrats and have proven time and time again to not be a true reflection of the voting pool.

Levitz even concedes this. He writes that “most national polls are of registered voters, not likely ones. And since the GOP’s older voting base still turns out more reliably than the Democrats’ younger one, “a reasonable estimate is that Mr. Biden is performing four or five points worse among likely voters in the critical states than he is among registered voters nationwide.”

Now ain’t that the truth.

It seems Trump’s inevitability is dawning on some lefty liberals, who are just putting aside emotions long enough, to accept their harsh reality.


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