Did Steve Kerr Retweet This Onion Piece Blinded By His Hatred For Trump?


The Onion describes itself on its Twitter page as “America’s Finest News Source”. And apparently Golden State Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, took that self-description seriously. What the Onion actually is, “is an American satirical digital media company and newspaper organization that publishes articles on international, national, and local news.”

Has Steve Kerr’s obsession with Donald Trump allowed him to fall for a clearly satirical piece in The Onion?

Why then did Steve Kerr retweet this The Onion headline: “Trump Blames Nation’s Susceptibility To Coronavirus Outbreak On Weakness Of America’s Race-Muddled Gene Pool.”?

“In an effort to explain the rising U.S. death toll”, reads the obviously satirical piece, “President Donald Trump told reporters Monday that he blamed the nation’s susceptibility to coronavirus on the weakness of America’s race-muddled gene pool.”

Said the imagined Trump: “It’s sad to say, but decades of rampant miscegenation have watered down our superior genetics to the point that we’re completely defenseless against our invisible enemy.” According to The Onion piece, Trump, argued that “widespread intermingling had made the U.S.’s Covid-19 response more challenging compared to countries with less-tainted bloodlines such as Australia and Iceland.”

“We’ve done a very good job”, continued the fake Trump; “but unfortunately, there’s only so much we can do when so many are tainted by DNA from the mongrel races. Folks, I’ve been saying it for years: The moment we got rid of the one-drop rule, we signed our own death warrants.”

Is This Another Case of Steve Kerr & His TDS?

Kerr, who is a well-known critic of Donald Trump, seems to have bought this “news” hook, line and sinker, and retweeted it in an apparent attempt to convince the world of Trump’s “rabid racism”.

“When did The Onion start reporting real news?” someone tweeted to Kerr in response. Another tweeted: “You’re racing against reality to publish this satire.”

A third tweeter pointed out that “There is a thin line between parody and slander. Look below and see how many people are ready to believe he [Trump] would actually think and say this. They have brainwashed themselves into TDS.”

But the question is: Was Steve Kerr one of those Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) saps; who fell for this headline before realising it was a parody? For now, the truth of that remains conjectural. But it wouldn’t shock to find out Kerr thought this was true.


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